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EU based pharma R&D company, focused on research and development of a new lifesaving remedies. Our scientists and researchers are experienced pharma experts, known as inventors of outstanding active pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients, writers of scientific papers and university lecturers. We have on our disposal well-equipped, highly sophisticated and certificated laboratories and manufacturing facilities to finalize our products according to the highest required standards. Our products are not "just another chip dietary supplements", but unique, sophisticated, with high efficacy and patented products you can not find anywhere else.

The best way to be convinced in our claims is to try our products. 
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ANOSOHIP and  VOTALEK plus comprising a unique concentrate of scientifically formulated active constituent group working synergic for your health. These two products may help as adjunct therapy in treatment of liver disorders, such as: viral B and C hepatitis, toxic hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver; and various cancers, such as: hepatocellular, biliary, breast cancer, colon, prostate, lung and other cancers, as well as a supporting therapy during chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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ANOSOHIP is unique newly patented dietary supplement comprising active substances, containing a unique compound of concentrated- vegetative extracts and coumarin derivates, which help the functioning of the liver, gallbladder and the immune system.
The studies show that ANOSOHIP:

• Helps for normal functioning of the liver and gallbladder

• Boost metabolism
• Eliminate free radicals and toxins from cells
• Strengthening and improving the immune system 

Has strong antioxidant effect

Studies also indicate anti cancer properties of ANOSOHIP

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VOTALEK plus is a scientifically designed dietary supplement, containing a unique compound of concentrated- plant extracts that stimulate the immune system and help the function of the liver and gallbladder. 

The studies show that VOTALEK plus:
• Strengthens the immune system and improves the natural resistance of the body
• Increases the tone
• Helps for normal liver function and recovery
• Has strong antioxidant effect

• Eliminate free radicals and toxins from cells

ANOSOHIP and  VOTALEK plus may be used in treatment of cancer
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  • As a adjunct therapy in the management of metastatic, liver, prostate, pancreatic, breast, brain, melanoma, and other cancers.

  • As a adminiculum to Gemcitabine and other anticancer chemotherapy treatments;

  • As prophylaxis treatment to maximize the efficacy and minimize the adverse side effects associated with anticancer chemotherapy;

  • As a therapy to reduce chemotherapy induced inflammation of the Liver.

According to cancer research, hyaluronan synthase (HA) over expression is very much implicated in malignant transformation and tumor progression, especially metastasis cancers. By preventing the overexpression of HA it is possible to slow or halt the progression of many Cancers, and significantly improve the effectiveness and tolerability of anticancer drugs. Some coumarin derivatives, which group belongs ANOSOHIP too, are scientifically recognized as potent HA over expression inhibitor, that helps prevent tumor metastasis based on its inhibitory effect on hyaluronan synthases as a adminiculum in cancer chemotherapy.

Overproduction of HA has also been observed in diseases associated with inflammation and fibroses. Aside from the practical, therapeutic connection to liver therapy in the prevention of metastasis, there is a possible link between ANOSOHIP as an anti-inflammatory and this newly defined role in treating abnormal hyaluronan synthesis. Furthermore, as HA is a very important aspect of the extracellular matrix, it is significant to note that it only work in the presence of abnormal HA synthesis itself and does not influence the synthesis of other glycosaminoglycans.


ANOSOHIP + VOTALEK plus contains coumarin derivatives, which exert a potent synergy effect that greatly improves the anti-cancer treatment effects, especially cancer metastasis. Consequently, the approach to cancer healthcare means that patients now have access to a New Anti-Cancer Oncology strategy that improves the effectiveness and also lessens the discomfort and negative side effects associated with existing anticancer chemotherapies.

ANOSOHIP and  VOTALEK plus may be used as adjunctive therapy in treatment of liver when:

The ingredients comprised in ANOSOHIP + VOTALEK plus support the liver’s ability to maintain normal liver function. Scientifically formulated to rapidly intensify and enhance the protective and regenerative functions of the Liver, ANOSOHIP + VOTALEK plus help to stabilize and repair cell/tissue damage, and lessen the aggressiveness associated with Liver dysfunction, thereby slowing or halting the progression.

Ingredients contained in ANOSOHIP + VOTALEK plus are powerful anti-inflammatory agents that enhance and stimulate important detoxification pathways in the Liver. It is metabolite that is responsible for removing harmful toxins, free radicals and other substances from the body via the Liver. These derivatives have shown positive effects on several liver dysfunctions, including cirrhosis, hepatitis (viral [HBV/ HCV] and non-viral [alcoholic and caused by liver toxic drugs]), fatty liver and necrosis.

It is also important to note that the detrimental effects of environmental toxins, alcohol, drugs and chemotherapy may be countered with these valuable derivatives. These derivatives work due to their ability to inhibit the factors responsible for liver damage, coupled with the fact that they stimulate production of new liver cells to replace old damaged ones.

ANOSOHIP + VOTALEK plus can greatly lessen liver inflammation, Hepatitis, and dramatically improve elevated liver enzymes, which are indications of Liver damage associated with Chronic Viral Hepatitis, HBV and HCV. By controlling liver inflammation and liver enzymes, it is possible to prevent and minimize liver scarring (fibrosis), and progression to cirrhosis and liver cancer, irrespective of viral loads.

  • Suspected or diagnosed alcoholic hepatitis or toxic hepatitis (alcohol, chemotherapy, anabolic steroids, drug, chemically or otherwise induced);

  • Suspected or diagnosed B or C acute hepatitis, chronic-persistent hepatitis, or chronic-active hepatitis;

  • Suspected or diagnosed any co-hosted combination of: HBV, HCV, HIV, Cirrhosis, and Liver Cancer;

  • Known family history of Liver dysfunction;

  • Suspected or diagnosed with fatty degeneration of the liver;

  • About to commence or undergoing chemotherapy or radio-therapy treatment;

  • Liver enzymes are elevated especially if no cause or diagnosis can be made;

  • Any risk or possibility of liver dysfunction may exist (excessive alcohol consumption, pro-longed courses of Liver toxic drugs, constant exposure to environmental pollution.

  • Suspected or diagnosed with cirrhosis, or primary biliary cirrhosis;

I am 55 years old. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer on the lymph glands, in stadium. I went through hard chemotherapies, and then found out about the Votalek drops and Anosohip pills with natural extracts, that strengthen the immune system, act anti-oxidant, and remove the poisons from the body. The usage of Anosohip and Votalek initiated my recovery. The blood situation and the immunity stabilized. I went through radiotherapy without any problems. The side effects that are expected from the therapy are non. The PET scan results showed a healthy organism. I feel healthy, strong, powerful and younger. I got health. I recommend Votalek and Anosohip to the healthy, to remain healthy, and to the sick for cleaning the organism and to return their health and strength. 

Divna Neshova - Macedonia

My name is Adamu Kostadina, I’m 33 years old and I live in Greece. I have breast cancer and lately the number of tumor markers started increasing. I have tried many natural medicines but the tumor markers didn’t reduce. I found out about Volalek and Anosohip about a friend of mine and started using it. In the first month, I started to feel my improvements in my body and blood. In the third month the doctor was surprised of the results. I am very happy that I found Volatek and Anosohip, I feel very strong and I recommended it to everybody.

Adamu Kostadina - Greece

I’m 67 years old, who two years ago was diagnosed with one of the hardest and meanest diseases of today – lung cancer, that is, planocellular cancer on the left lung where operation was out of the question. The doctors only suggested chemotherapy and radiotherapy for treatment. In the period when I started to take chemotherapy, my daughters got in touch with Mr. Venco. Thanks to his warm words and strong belief that he has for this product which helped me and others to literally get up from my bed. After I started using these miraculous drops, I never went under chemotherapy and feel greatly fulfilled, and even ready for everyday activities. These drops are what keeps me alive. After completion of chemotherapy the results were amazing because as a mentioned, I used the drops at the same time and this product get me on my feet even though the doctors said that there is no cure for me. I believe in this product that I use and I intend to use it for the remaining of my life because I believe in its power. I recommend this product to all you people that are fighting this mean disease.

Blagoje Stoleski - Macedonia

I am Svetlana Trpevska, born in October 20, 1962 in Kocani. About 2 years ago I was told that I have breast cancer. In those moments I think I saw the death. There were many questions, few answers, many sleepless nights and thoughts why exactly me. When I faced this deadly disease, I said, "You will not beat me, I will win you!" After all the trials, a surgical procedure followed, i.e. removal of my breast. It all ended successfully. From the very beginning of the therapy I started using Anosohip and Votalek. The doctors were astounded from the resultс. I cured my cancer with Anosohip and Votalek. I still use them today as a preventative therapy. Now I feel reborn! I strongly recommend these medicines that saved my life.
Svetlana Trpevska - Macedonia
My father is 57 years old. He was diagnosed with lymph cancer. The cancer spread to the lungs and liver. Doctors in Turkey started chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment immediately. Some of our friends from FYROM informed and advised these medicines to us. With Mr. Ventso's help we supplied and informed how to use it. After to start using Votalek and Anoship we discard of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It helped us recover our immune system and spend a much better time.Special thanks to Mr. Ventso and everyone who was in production and all process of these medicines.

Mert AKALIN, Istanbul, Turkey

My mother in law was diagnosed with breast cancer. She ended up in surgery and which chemotherapy followed. My friend told me about the medicine that protects the liver from various chemotherapy side effects and recommended that I get it, because it will help in handling chemotherapy. He said that the medicine is also – anti-cancerous. I immediately bought the medicine and gave it to my mother in law. And while other patients that I came across, took the therapy very hard, she went to work right after chemo therapy.
Damir S. - Croatia
Friend of mine, Dr. Whipp, who has his private clinic, was suffering over 20 years from hepatitis C. His liver was damaged that he felt so much tired to decided to quit his practice as clinician.  In that time somebody told me about the medicine, which protects the liver against effects of hepatitis C. I got it and delivered it to Dr. Whipp. After couple of weeks he called me and he said: “My energy is back. I feel so much better. I can go back to work”. He asked me to get more of the medicine so that he can treat his patients with hepatitis B and C, what I did.
Dr. Whipp - USA
After my world crashed down on my when my doctors told me I had lung cancer, I immediately went for the surgery and after that chemotherapy. I took it hard. After a time, the tumor started growing again. My hope to live disappeared. Then my wife’s friend called who knew about this wonderous medicine. I immediately bought it and started using it. Two months later I went for a control and my hope to live came back. The tumor reduced for 20mm and came down to 15mm. A continued to take the medication and won the battle.
Georgia H. - Croatia
In 2014 I was diagnosed with malignant disease, high level of aggressiveness which got my pallet. The doctor recommended an operation which will remove face bone, lips and nose. I didn’t comply to that. I didn’t comply to any therapy, because, if the that was the situation, I wanted to be over as soon as possible. The doctors gave me 3 months to live. Those days, I got a visit from a relative of mine who made me aware of a medicine that helped a lot of people who had malignant disease. He asked me whether I wanted him to provide me with it. I said: I’ll try, because I have nothing to lose. He provided me with the medicine which I started to take and after several weeks all the pinching and rubbing that I felt in my mouth disappeared. When I went to my doctor after 7 months, he was surprised to see me. After the examination he kept saying “You have chosen a better path than the one I suggested.” 3 years have passed since my diagnosis and there are no signs of cancer. I take the medicine now in smaller dosage, as a preventive from possible cancer reoccurrence. I have the medical documents from every medical check-up with a notice in them that I rejected every type of therapy.
Ivanka V. - Croatia
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One of the main reasons why more and more people seek alternative healing methods is that they have a feeling that doctors do not pay enough attention to them and the allopathic medicine is treating only the symptoms of the disease, not the actual cause. Whatever is the reason causing this feeling people are primarily missing a human touch and the treatment they can participate in.

It is not the aim of the company RAY OF LIGHT to criticize or contest allopathic methods of the classical medicine. Petra's aim is to help with advice and information how to change your perspective on taking care for your own health.

There are more and more doctors who embrace a holistic approach and there are more and more patients motivated enough to take care for their own health.  Especially to them is offered Petra's helping hand in choosing suitable products but not only them. Energy products are not chemical, their effect is gentle and if you follow the recommendations of a therapist or a physician, they can help you to get rid of your health problems. But the decision is yours.​​

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To request appointment with Petra Staskova,

please fill out the REGISTRATION FORM after you pay for your consultation

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Petra is adamant that you benefit from your experience with her. Her greatest reward is helping people to see, to learn, and to overcome life’s difficulties.


  Angel Healing Therapy


Angel Healing Therapy is a spiritual healing method led by Angels and Archangels that involves working with a person's guardian angels and all of the Angelic Realm to heal, harmonize and balance every aspect of person's well being on all levels of his/her being and existence trough time and space.



We love you all,

In my more than 30 years of energy work, I’ve studied many different methods from cultures the world over, and discovered that the superior methods tend to be the simplest.

Complicated approaches are under-developed.

The power is not in what you “do” — all the doing in a complex method can be a sign of a superficial, immature approach.

The power is in learning a new way of being with energy — your own, as well as the energy of others.

As your work with energy clearing for yourself and others becomes so much easier and effective, your own life will begin to change.

Old issues will start melting away. The things that used to cause you stress will no longer exist.

After all we’ve been through — globally and personally — if there’s ever been a need for energy clearing, the time is now!

petra 💖💖

It is a privilege  to be a human; 

It is up to you to believe...


Petra Staskova

It is a privilege to be a human is the first book detailing the philosophies and theories of Petra Staskova on what it takes to be a human, internationally recognized psychic medium.

One must go beyond the mind, beyond the linearity or the solid point and only then one can find the true potential of creation that has not been exploited to one’s luminosity. And only here one can find a placebo, or panacea, and it is the Spirit itself. 

A natural manifestation can be expressed only when the soul and the physical body work together and are charged by the spirit. In other words, the soul and the physical body are suppose to be united by the spirit, not by the mind! Therein lies the wholeness and the existence of life.

The spirit has to be present in the energetic systems of the body to provide a real physical and psychological health, which prevents the influence of separation mechanisms, reflection and projection of a diseased mind. But its program enters into us by interference of negative forces at conception and prenatally at birth, and, indeed, throughout our lives. So it is difficult to understand ourselves even with the help of angels. Therefore, we must constantly nourish our soul, so we can wake up.

We need to connect our physical body that is the representation of Love with our energetic body which is representation of Freedom. And it is also our double twin in us. This is the universal principle. This is the wholeness of human beings. This is the absolute love. That is the absolute freedom. If we do not have it like this, our relations do not work out. We are not ready for them and we do not know how to add freedom into love. Therefore, the love is not genuine, stable nor strong.

Because we lost access to our higher consciousness and awareness, we are not able to perceive love and freedom as a whole unity. Therefore, we are separating the energy from the matter, the body from the consciousness and the vital energy is blocked and is not flowing within us. If we want to correct and heal ourselves, we must focus our wholeness only through the purity of our heart, which is true unconditional love and unwavering freedom in us, exercised trough the truth and happiness. 




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