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1x  FLAVOCEL (150 pills)


1X VIRONAL (1 Fl Oz)

1X FREPOFIT (135 softgels)


  • bio-information product

    Flavocel is a bioinformation product consisting of a concentrated hibiscus extract (Hibiscus sabdariffa – 135 mg in one pill) enriched with vitamin C (200 mg in one pill) and a special blend of essential oils that have antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral effect.

    Hibiscus sabdariffa ( Roselle ) is a plant presently cultivated in the Old and New World tropics and subtropics. It contains a natural source of vitamin C, inorganic acids, plant dyes, slimy polysaccharides, sterols and flavonoids that speed up its absorption. Primarily it harmonizes the channels of kidneys, urinary bladder, three burners, lungs, heart, and spleen, and thus helps to solve the problems related to the malfunction of the relevant organs. Most of these energy channels are impaired especially when we suffer from influenza and other cold-related conditions. Vitamin C keeps your body in good condition. Roselle extracts disinfect urinary tract and kidneys; they relieve cramps, whether caused by cough or some other condition. Influenza involves negative effects on locomotive organs and joints – conditions related to the channel of kidneys.

    The effect of plant substances in our body is purposeful and synergic. The research revealed that the rosella extract inhibits the growths of mycobacterium tuberculosis. Other tests confirmed antispasmic action in musculatures of uterus and intestines. It has sedative effect and relieves cramps of various sort – cough, stomach or abdominal cramps. Higher doses eliminate parasites in the intestines and show quite prominent antibacterial effect. The rosella extract refreshes our body and lowers the blood pressure without having any side effects. Plant dyes anthocyans and flavonoids together with vitamin C remove free radicals and thus inhibit the ageing of cells. It also shows diuretic effect, reduces swellings and encourages bile secretion. Phytosterols present in the extracts lower the blood cholesterol level; aid the dissolution of urinary stones and dissolve also fat and calcium sediment in the blood vessels. They are effective in the cases of ureteritis, cystitis, nephritis, and prostatism. Due to the high volume of fruit acids the rosella extract is a slight laxative. In Sudan it is also used against fever. The latest research revealed also antiepileptic effect and prophylactic influence on the heart.

    Flavocel contains a laevorotatory form of the highly absorbable form of vitamin C, which is an important supplement to our nutrition, because our body is not able to “produce” it itself. When suffering from flu, it is recommended to increase the intake of this vitamin as our body is able to fight the disease and regenerate much better. Vitamin C takes part in many metabolic processes, mainly in protein metabolism. It is also required in the growth and regeneration of teeth, gums, connective tissues, blood vessels, and certain osseous cells; it cooperates with antibodies, and as a coenzyme can bond with some toxins, thereby inhibiting their effect.

    It acts as an antioxidant and enables activities of various enzymes in the body. It is important for the creation of certain substances taking part in the transfer of impulses among neurons.

    It is also necessary for the right immune response to infection and wound healing; it improves creation of the adrenal gland hormones and collagen, lowers cholesterol level and improves absorption of iron from food.

    Substances from Roselle and vitamin C are supplemented with a blend of essential oils – eucalypt, grapefruit, cardamom, copaiba, and guaiac, which emphasize and broaden the effects of the product primarily supporting functioning of lungs and bronchial tubes.

    Vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy and anemia; it may be a cause of the gums swellings, fatigue, and nosebleed.

    In cases of cold, influenza, tonsillitis, and bronchitis (in cases of fever combination with Vironal is recommended); to support the function of heart and bone marrow; for proper nutrition and regeneration of teeth, gums, blood vessels, and osseous cells; for better protein metabolism, creation of adrenal gland hormones, collagen, and connective tissues; to facilitate the function of enzymes and transfers among neurons. Further in cases of ureteritis, cystitis, nephritis, prostatism, kidney and urinary stones, gout, high blood pressure, swellings, allergies, anemia, scurvy, asthenia, fatigue, and atony; further in cases of intestinal, abdominal, stomach, uterus, and lungs cramps, etc. Flavocel may also be used when suffering from epilepsy, tuberculosis, constipation, atherosclerosis, immunodeficiency or intestinal parasites.

    It is very good antioxidant; it inhibits effects of some toxins and speeds up the egesting of heavy metals from our body.

    Flavocel is suitable for diabetics. It does not contain sugar.

    Flavocel is a bioactive product that may be easily combined with other food supplements and health products.

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