Ray of Light Jewels
Healing Nature that Communicates with You

Handmade custom gemstone jewelry symbolizing Universal spiritual principles of Unconditional Love, Freedom, Harmony, Blissfulness, Felicity, Calmness, and Peace

🌟Necklaces 🌟 Wearable Art 🌟

Healing crystal necklaces featuring quality metals (Sterling Silver-genuine metal, Sterling Silver Filled, 14k Gold Filled and 14k Rose Gold Filled beads and all the most popular crystals such as apatite, aquamarine, citrine, rose quartz, amethyst, turquoise and more. all of the jewelry is designed and made by Petra in her Colorado Springs studio.
ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTAL/rose quartz heart pendant/ sterling silver beats and fairy, peridot, Swarovski crystals, carnelian, labradorite-quartz and sunstone necklace
amazonite,crystal necklace, energy, healing necklace.JPG
EAGLE EYE AGATE/ crystal quartz, apatite, aquamarine pendant/ sterling silver clasp, peridot, Swarovski crystals, carnelian, labradorite-quartz and sunstone necklace
Natural Coral, Turquoise,  Pearls , Swarovski crystals Aquamarine Single Crystal Healing Necklace.   
rose quartz heart necklace, healing rose stone sterling silver.JPG
Rose Quartz and Labradorite heart necklace with Sterling Silver leaf clasp and beads
rose quartz,sterling silve, rose quartz heart necklace.jpg
Rose Quartz heart , Swarovski crystals necklace with Sterling Silver clasp and Sterling silver beads from Hill Tribe artist, Rose quarts beads, Silver plated wire
Hand made silver beads, swarovski crystal, turquoise, amazonite, pearls, aventurine, leath
Hand made silver flowers from Hill tribe artist, Sterling silver beads, Swarovski crystal, turquoise, amazonite, pearls, aventurine, leather,
aventurine,silver flover necklace.jpg
Hand made sterling silver flower from Hill Tribe artist, aventurine necklace with Sterling Silver leafs, clasp and beads
labradorite, sunstone. necklace.JPG
Sunstone, Labradorite, Swarovski crystals necklace, Sterling Silver clasp with Red Carnelian stone, Copper wire, Ammonite fossil pendant
amethystnecklace, sterling silver beads aragonite necklace.JPG
Aragonite hand cut leaf pendant, Amethyst stone beads, Amethyst hand cut briolette, Sterling silver beads made by Hill Tribe artist, jade
turqouse necklace, red coral necklace, healing crystal stone necklace.JPG
red coral, rose quartz, swarowski crystal necklace.JPG
Red Coral center piece, Rose quartz, Swarovski crystals, genuine leather backing
moonstone,sunstone, pearls sterling silver necklace.JPG
Sunstone hand cut briolette, sweet water cultured pearls, Swarovski crystals, Sterling silver clasp and sterling silver components

Turquoise natural stone beads, Red Coral, Apatite, Jade, Aquamarine, Peridot briolette, Swarovski crystals, Sterling silver Butterfly made by Hill Tribe artist, Sterling silver beads made by Hill Tribe artist, sterling silver clasp.
ray of light jewels logo.jpg
amethyst necklace, aragonite neckalce.JPG
sunstone, sterling silver clasp.JPG
Custom design, pick your stone
🌟Raw Crystal Creations For every Day Enjoyment🌟
Pick Your Hand Cut Crystal Pendant
8 crystal healing pendants.png
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