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One of the main reasons why more and more people seek alternative healing methods is that they have a feeling that doctors do not pay enough attention to them and the allopathic medicine is treating only the symptoms of the disease, not the actual cause. Whatever is the reason causing this feeling people are primarily missing a human touch and the treatment they can participate in.

It is not the aim of the company RAY OF LIGHT to criticize or contest allopathic methods of the classical medicine. Petra's aim is to help with advice and information how to change your perspective on taking care for your own health.

There are more and more doctors who embrace a holistic approach and there are more and more patients motivated enough to take care for their own health.  Especially to them is offered Petra's helping hand in choosing suitable products but not only them. Energy products are not chemical, their effect is gentle and if you follow the recommendations of a therapist or a physician, they can help you to get rid of your health problems. But the decision is yours.​​

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To request appointment with Petra Staskova,

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Petra will reply to your request shortly with

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Petra is adamant that you benefit from your experience with her. Her greatest reward is helping people to see, to learn, and to overcome life’s difficulties.


  Angel Healing Therapy


Angel Healing Therapy is a spiritual healing method led by Angels and Archangels that involves working with a person's guardian angels and all of the Angelic Realm to heal, harmonize and balance every aspect of person's well being on all levels of his/her being and existence trough time and space.



We love you all,

In my more than 30 years of energy work, I’ve studied many different methods from cultures the world over, and discovered that the superior methods tend to be the simplest.

Complicated approaches are under-developed.

The power is not in what you “do” — all the doing in a complex method can be a sign of a superficial, immature approach.

The power is in learning a new way of being with energy — your own, as well as the energy of others.

As your work with energy clearing for yourself and others becomes so much easier and effective, your own life will begin to change.

Old issues will start melting away. The things that used to cause you stress will no longer exist.

After all we’ve been through — globally and personally — if there’s ever been a need for energy clearing, the time is now!

petra 💖💖

It is a privilege  to be a human; 

It is up to you to believe...


Petra Staskova

It is a privilege to be a human is the first book detailing the philosophies and theories of Petra Staskova on what it takes to be a human, internationally recognized psychic medium.

One must go beyond the mind, beyond the linearity or the solid point and only then one can find the true potential of creation that has not been exploited to one’s luminosity. And only here one can find a placebo, or panacea, and it is the Spirit itself. 

A natural manifestation can be expressed only when the soul and the physical body work together and are charged by the spirit. In other words, the soul and the physical body are suppose to be united by the spirit, not by the mind! Therein lies the wholeness and the existence of life.

The spirit has to be present in the energetic systems of the body to provide a real physical and psychological health, which prevents the influence of separation mechanisms, reflection and projection of a diseased mind. But its program enters into us by interference of negative forces at conception and prenatally at birth, and, indeed, throughout our lives. So it is difficult to understand ourselves even with the help of angels. Therefore, we must constantly nourish our soul, so we can wake up.

We need to connect our physical body that is the representation of Love with our energetic body which is representation of Freedom. And it is also our double twin in us. This is the universal principle. This is the wholeness of human beings. This is the absolute love. That is the absolute freedom. If we do not have it like this, our relations do not work out. We are not ready for them and we do not know how to add freedom into love. Therefore, the love is not genuine, stable nor strong.

Because we lost access to our higher consciousness and awareness, we are not able to perceive love and freedom as a whole unity. Therefore, we are separating the energy from the matter, the body from the consciousness and the vital energy is blocked and is not flowing within us. If we want to correct and heal ourselves, we must focus our wholeness only through the purity of our heart, which is true unconditional love and unwavering freedom in us, exercised trough the truth and happiness. 


Changing Lives Through the Art and Science of Holistic Approach​

Learn more about yourself in a monthly astrological horoscope specifically designed for your sign. 

An astrological horoscope cannot tell you what is going to happen, to you or to anybody else. But it can tell you what kind of person you are and what planets are influencing your life in each month. 

How to calibrate yourself into vibrational accord with Schumann resonance. Activating Scalar Energy.

Assemblage point Energetic and Vibrational facts: meditation 

Energy ECO Pillar Manifestation & Intention Candles, Charged by Angel and crystal healing energy

When you purchase an ECO Palm Wax Candle, know that you are buying the most ECO-friendly candle on the planet. We use only ECO-friendly dyes. They are 100% REACH compliant. Our wicks are 100% organic cotton, our Palm wax comes from a RSPO ( Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil ) member source. Our ECO Palm Wax Candles are vegan without bees wax, paraffin, or synthetic petrochemical additives.They are good for you and good for nature. Suitable for those with allergies and sensitivities.

They're the perfect complement for meditation and chakra rebalancing. Each candle comes with a crystal chakra charm to enhance the candles energy.

Each Mystical Candle has been handcrafted from the finest ECO palm wax, infused with angel energies. Made in the USA by Petra.

Each hand poured candle slowly melts (tunnels) into itself as it burns, creating one of a kind design.



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