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Ray of Light Jewels

Handmade custom gemstone jewelry symbolizing Universal spiritual principles of Unconditional Love, Freedom, Harmony, Blissfulness, Felicity, Calmness, and Peace

Petra’s jewelry collection is truly unique and one of a kind. Each piece is individually designed and handcrafted by Petra. 


Each and every gemstone and crystal is hand-picked by Petra that show distinct characteristics and colors of that particular gemstone-family. Eliminating over 20% of the beads on average. Each and every gemstone and crystal is sourced ethically, utilizing stones from local Arizona, New Mexico and North Carolina mines whenever possible. 

Lastly, when stringing your bracelet according to your wrist specifications, Petra pick stones that match each other in color and pattern. Combining this with beads crafted by our Silversmith, Petra'll create that unique piece of jewelry you can wear with ease. And knowing you have something special around your wrist.

Every gemstone has a meaning and whether you choose to wear a stone for its energy, as a birthstone or just because you think it’s pretty, I hope you feel connected to it. Each stone is beautiful, unique and a true one of a kind, just like you. All Ray of Light jewelry is handmade with love and customized with care in my mountain studio located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

More than simple adornment, jewelry gifts made and designed by Petra have meaning, intent, and purpose. They remind us of the good in men, in family, in each other, and in ourselves. They help remind us and our loved ones that we alone choose who we are.

And that we get to choose each new day, one day at a time.
Through family, angels, spirit guides, and holy beings we come to understand that we are not alone and that we are very much loved.

Petra often says “ when we truly want something, all the universe conspires in helping us to achieve it”.

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Raw gemstone bracelets handmade with a copper, sterling silver clasp and beads or hand-cut gem beads, featuring a variety of healing crystals such as apatite, aquamarine, citrine, rose quartz, amethyst, turquoise and more.


  • 925 Sterling Silver

  • Abalone

  • African Turquoise

  • Amazonite

  • Amethyst

  • Apatite

  • Aquamarine

  • Arctic Jasper

  • Bian Stone

  • Black Agate

  • Black Onyx

  • Black Sunstone

  • Bloodstone

  • Blue Light Moonstone

  • Botswana Striped Agate

  • Bronzite

  • Carnelian

  • Ceramic

  • Chestnut Jasper

  • Chrysanthemum

  • Chrysoprase

  • Dark Hematite

  • Dark Sodalite

  • Dragon Blood Jasper

  • Dumortierite

  • Eagle Eye

  • Fire Agate

  • Fossil

  • Gold Sheen Obsidian

  • Green Japanese Glass

  • Green Jasper

  • Green Plants Agate

  • Hematite

  • Hessonite

  • Howlite

  • Hypersthene

  • Indian Agate

  • Iolite

  • Kyanite

  • Labradorite

  • Landscape Jasper

  • Lapis Lazuli

  • Lava

  • Mahogany Obsidian

  • Malachite

  • Marble

  • Matte African Turquoise

  • Matte Amazonite

  • Matte Amethyst

  • Matte Apatite

  • Matte Aquamarine

  • Matte Blue Aventurine

  • Matte Brecciated Jasper

  • Matte Bronzite

  • Matte Carnelian

  • Matte Green Aventurine

  • Matte Hematite

  • Matte Iolite

  • Matte Labradorite

  • Matte Landscape Jasper

  • Matte Multicolor Amazonite

  • Matte Multicolor Picasso

  • Matte Multitoned                                       Orange Aventurine

  • Matte Obsidian

  • Matte Orange Aventurine

  • Matte Picasso Jasper

  • Matte Purple Aventurine

  • Matte Rhodonite

  • Matte Rhyolite

  • Matte Sodalite

  • Matte Tibetan Agate

  • Matte Tiger Eye

  • Mixed Japanese Glass

  • Miyuki Glass

  • Multicolor Picasso

  • Multitoned Green Picasso

  • Murano Glass

  • Mustard Yellow Jade

  • Nephrite Jade

  • Obsidian

  • Ochre Jasper

  • Orange Aventurine

  • Peridot

  • Petrified Wood

  • Picasso Jasper

  • Rainbow Moonstone

  • Red Crackle Agate

  • Red Garnet

  • Red Leopard Jasper

  • Red Tiger Eye

  • Regalite Jasper

  • Rhodonite

  • Rhyolite

  • Seraphinite

  • Serpentine

  • Smoky Quartz

  • Snake Skin Jasper

  • Snowflake Obsidian

  • Sodalite

  • Strawberry Quartz

  • Swarovski Crystal

  • Tibetan Agate

  • Tiger Eye

  • Tiger Iron

  • Tridacna

  • Turquoise

  • Unakite

  • Vanilla Jade

  • White Jade

  • White Moonstone

  • Yellow Agate

  • Yellow Jade

  • Yellow Leopard Skin

  • Yellow Serpentine

Wearable Art More to Love just For Her
red coral,turqoise,crystal copper bracelet.JPG
coral, turqoise bracelet.JPG
Natural turquoise, red coral, Crystal, copper wire Healing Bracelet.   

 ✨Raw Gem Stone Creations for Every Day Enjoyment✨

apatite crystal healing bracelet.JPG
Apatite & Herkimer diamond crystal healing bracelet 
aquamarine crystal healing bracelet,ray of light jewels.JPG
Aquamarine & Herkimer diamond crystal healing bracelet
amethyst crystal healing bracelet.JPG
Amethyst & Herkimer diamond crystal healing bracelet 
crystal aquamarine healing bracelet, ray of light jewels,.JPG
apatite crystal healing and silver pendant bracelet, ray of light jewels.JPG
malachite healing gen.JPG
Aquamarine & Sterling Silver pendant healing bracelet
Apatite & Sterling Silver pendant healing bracelet
Natural Malachite | Genuine Malachite Stone of Manifestation 6mm Bracelet | Intention Bracelet 
rose quartz and raw herkiner diamons, sterlings silver bracelet.JPG
Ray of Light Jewels - Natural Rose Powder Crystal Quartz & Raw Herkimer Diamond Crystal Bracelet 
malachite , rose quartz healing bracelet,ray of light jewels.JPG
Ray of Light Jewels-Natural Malachite & Rose Quartz Genuine Malachite Stone of Manifestation 6mm Bracelet, Intention Bracelet 

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