Understanding Bio-Information Energy Products

We make the world's first Bio-Information Energy Products available today.

Our patented, one of a kind Bio-information formula in our Energy products is a frequency emulating the controlling frequencies of the brain sub-cortical centers that control vegetative nervous system and the functioning of internal organs. Through their activity the negative information is blocked, and the process of reverse regeneration is started. The presence of bio-information and the unique blend of herbs in the Energy products is rather important and Energy products may help where other alternative medicine have failed.

VITAFLORIN - acute or chronic infections (viruses, bacteria, fungi)

VITAFLORIN - acute or chronic infections (viruses, bacteria, fungi)

Use: Combination of vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances of pure natural origin increases resistance to stress and infectious diseases and neutralizes the negative impact of the polluted environment. It improves physical condition and the state of mind, and prevents fatigue and exhaustion. Due to high content of antioxidants it retards the process of aging. It enhances digestion, protects gastrointestinal mucosa and maintains good condition of the intestines. It protects the heart and vessels and acts as prevention against cardiovascular and other civilisation diseases.
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    Vitaflorin is a bio-information product containing extracts from plants and fruit rich in natural vitamins, minerals, and biologically active substances. It harmonises in particular the energy pathways of the heart, pericardium, lungs, small intestine and large intestine, furthermore the pathway of the stomach, spleen, and pancreas, urinary bladder, liver, gall bladder, and the triple energizer.

    Vitaflorin provides the body with an optimum amount of vitamins in their natural form, it generally tones the body, refreshes the organism and supports the immune system. It increases one's resistance to stress, viral and bacterial diseases, and neutralises the negative impact of polluted environment. It improves mental health, reinstates harmony, and significantly prevents fatigue and exhaustion. Due to its high content of antioxidants it slows down the aging process in the body. It enhances digestion, protects gastrointestinal mucosa and maintains good condition of the intestines. It protects the heart and vessels and acts as prevention against cardiovascular and other civilisation diseases. 

    Further use:
    For people with poor diet, change of dietary habits, during dietary cures and vegan diet (complete elimination of animal proteins), aversion to fish products

    > When the intestines are under strain due to the use of antibiotics, hormonal contraception, during intestine disorders

    > For people with exhausting lifestyle – stress, alcohol, smoking, coffee

    > For excessive mental, physical, and sports stress

    > For the support of adequate function of the nervous system

    > To maintain good condition of the skin and mucosa

    > For people with peptic and duodenal ulcers

    > For the support of red blood cell formation (in anaemia)

    > To improve physical as well as mental functions of the elderly and as a support during recovery

    > To maintain good condition of bones and teeth and as prevention of osteoporosis

    > For patients with acute or chronic infections (viruses, bacteria, fungi) 

    Sea buckthorn (C, A, E, B, K, choline)
    It contains a large amount of vitamins; it supports immunity and slows down the process of aging. It increases resistance during infectious conditions, and accelerates the process of healing. It improves the condition of connective tissue and skin, stimulates digestion, and protects the heart and circulatory system. It also acts as a prevention of cervical cancer. 

    Aloe Vera (A, C, B)
    It cleans the body, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, and stimulates immunity. It has positive effects on the skin, improves the function of the digestive system, and protects the heart and vessels. It acts preventively against intestinal cancers. 

    Pomegranate (C, B, A)
    It removes free radicals from the body and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. It reduces acidity of the stomach content and stimulates digestion. It acts preventively against prostatic cancers. 

    Royal Jelly (full range of vitamins)
    It improves the overall condition and resistance to infections. It reinstates good humour and harmonises the mental condition. It enhances liver regeneration and the production of red blood cells. It stimulates healing, improves skin condition as well as the condition of all connective tissues. 

    Magnolia Vine, Schisandra (C, E)
    It generally enhances the resistance of organism to infections, fatigue or stress (adaptogen). It supports the function of the nervous system and helps to improve mental health. It reduces the risk of civilisation diseases, improves digestion, protects the heart and vessels, and helps during respiratory diseases. 

    Japanese quince (C, A, B)
    It has anti-inflammatory effects, protects gastrointestinal lining, and is effective against spasms.

    Bio-information means frequencies which simulate the control frequencies in those subcortex centres of the brain that regulate the vegetative nervous system and the function of viscera. They offset negative information and initiate the retrograde regenerative process.

    Content: 90 capsules


    1 capsule once a day, ideally after meal 

    Do not exceed recommended daily dose!

    Minimum shelf life: see date on the packaging.

    Store at 10 – 25°C in a dry place away from sunlight.

    Not intended for persons with hypersensitivity to bee and soy products. Not suitable for children, pregnant and lactating women! Nutritional supplements are not intended to substitute varied diet.

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