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It is a privilege  to be a human; It is up to you to believe...

It is a privilege to be a human; It is up to you to believe...

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  • It is a privilege to be a human by Petra Staskova

    7 Key Things Being SPIRITUALLY Aligned, Discovering the Core ESSENCE of your Being, Where We Come from and What it Takes to be a Human in this World.

    t is a privilege to be a human is the first book detailing the philosophies and theories of Petra Staskova on what it takes to be a human, internationally recognized psychic medium.

    One must go beyond the mind, beyond the linearity or the solid point and only then one can find the true potential of creation that has not been exploited to one’s luminosity. And only here one can find a placebo, or panacea, and it is the Spirit itself. 

    A natural manifestation can be expressed only when the soul and the physical body work together and are charged by the spirit. In other words, the soul and the physical body are suppose to be united by the spirit, not by the mind! Therein lies the wholeness and the existence of life.

    The spirit has to be present in the energetic systems of the body to provide a real physical and psychological health, which prevents the influence of separation mechanisms, reflection and projection of a diseased mind. But its program enters into us by interference of negative forces at conception and prenatally at birth, and, indeed, throughout our lives. So it is difficult to understand ourselves even with the help of angels. Therefore, we must constantly nourish our soul, so we can wake up.

    We need to connect our physical body that is the representation of Love with our energetic body which is representation of Freedom. And it is also our double twin in us. This is the universal principle. This is the wholeness of human beings. This is the absolute love. That is the absolute freedom. If we do not have it like this, our relations do not work out. We are not ready for them and we do not know how to add freedom into love. Therefore, the love is not genuine, stable nor strong.

    Because we lost access to our higher consciousness and awareness, we are not able to perceive love and freedom as a whole unity. Therefore, we are separating the energy from the matter, the body from the consciousness and the vital energy is blocked and is not flowing within us. If we want to correct and heal ourselves, we must focus our wholeness only through the purity of our heart, which is true unconditional love and unwavering freedom in us, exercised trough the truth and happiness.