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CYTOSAN INOVUM - Lignohumate, Silymarin, Green clay, Succinic Acid

CYTOSAN INOVUM - Lignohumate, Silymarin, Green clay, Succinic Acid


Cytosan: lignohumate, silymarin, succinic acid

Cytosan Inovum: lignohumate, peat humate, silymarin, green clay, succinic acid

Use: Bio-information product with detoxicating and regenerative effect containing humic substances, silymarin, succinic acid and green clay. Humic substances create a specific group of high-molecular and low-molecular substances, structures of which show high surface activity in the processes of sorption, chelation, and ion exchange. They have an antioxidant effect, a protective effect on cells; facilitate detoxication of the body and positively influence stomach and intestinal surface. Their molecular structure creates a protective film that helps strengthen immunity of the organism.
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  • bio-information product


    Bio-information products with detoxicating and regenerative effect containing humic substances, silymarin, succinic acid and green clay.

    Energy channels
    Cytosan and Cytosan Inovum primarily influence the channels of large and small intestine, stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen and the controlling channel.
    Cytosan: lignohumate, silymarin, succinic acid
    Cytosan Inovum: lignohumate, peat humate, silymarin, green clay, succinic acid
    Humate and lignohumate are the blends of humic and fulvic acids and their potassium salts. They are complex organic compounds with high molecular mass; they are born in the course of gradual decomposition of organic mass in the presence of oxygen in the places where lignite and peat can be found. They are exceptionally bioactive substances with high chemical reactivity, strong regenerative effects on the whole body and its energy system. Through chelate bonding humates are able to retain primarily heavy metals (Pb, Hg, Cd), free radicals and toxic substances that are later excreted from the body. It helps to inhibit the growth of fungi and some viruses and bacteria in the body. The process of detoxication is connected with better oxygenation of cells; it occurs in the whole body, inside each organ. Humates are strong immunostimulating agents with protective biological effect. They protect cells from various types of radiation, including radioactive and UV. Humic substances can cause the retardation of the development of some types of cancer because they support DNA reparative processes. They lower the blood clotting ability therefore they are suitable as prevention from myocardial infarction and apoplexy. They facilitate faster dissolution of thrombi and hematomas; lower the risk of adhesion development. Their strong effect revealed itself also in the treatment of gynecological conditions of hormonal origin and in the cases of unstable level of estrogen. However, first and foremost, humates have protective effect on the intestines. They cleanse mucous membranes of the intestines; at the same time, they cover mucous membranes of the intestines with a protective microfilm that inhibits penetration of toxic substances and heavy metals into the bloodstream.
    Silymarin refers to the plant flavoinoids extracted from the seeds of milk thistle (Silybum marianum). They help to protect and regenerate liver cells. This protective effect of silymarin shows mainly in stabilization of cell membranes and the positive influence on the functioning of liver cells. It inhibits impact of some liver toxins, removes free radicals from the body, facilitates excretion of bile, and alleviates spasms. As a bitter substance it encourages metabolism and digestion.
    Succinic acid is found not only in amber; it is a common part of almost all plant and animal tissues. It plays an important part in cell metabolism; activates function of all organs; shows regenerative effect on cells and improves absorption of iron in the organism.
    Green clay is a natural bioactive substance usable in many ways and created by the metal oxides and a number of minerals important for a human body. It is able to absorb toxic substances, ingest pathogenic germs, eliminate aftereffects of excessive radiation, release muscle tension and alleviate pain. It shows anti-inflammatory effect; helps in healing of burns; provides the body with important minerals. Clay is not digested and consequently is excreted from the body. Thus its effect is limited only to the digestive tract.
    Specifics of the effects of Cytosan and Cytosan Inovum
    Both products have more or less similar effects and ways of use. Cytosan Inovum shows stronger influence on detoxication of digestive tract and the supply of minerals and trace elements to the body. However, Cytosan is more suitable for the start-up of detoxication. From the therapeutic point of view it is ideal to combine both these products. For more information please see product documentation on the humate products group.
    Cytosan & Cytosan Inovum are effective as a supplement in the treatment of various conditions, primarily of the following:
    • Microbial, bacterial and viral infections (Herpes virus, Cytomegalovirus, Helicobacter pylori, etc.), cold sores and weakened immunity;
    • Conditions that require immunostimulating and anti-inflammatory effect;
    • Inflammations of tissues in the mouth, throat, stomach, small and large intestine (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis);
    • Gastric and duodenal ulcers;
    • Rheumatic articular conditions, arthrosis, arthritis, etc.;
    • Backaches;
    • Psoriasis, eczemas, rushes, acne;
    • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
    • Hormonal disorders, amenorrhea, menopause;
    • Prevention of development of osteoporosis;
    • Chronic fatigue syndrome and a lack of energy;
    • Regeneration of liver after suffering from infections liver disease (hepatitis, mononucleosis)
    • Protection of liver against liver toxins and regeneration of already damaged liver cells (cirrhosis, steatosis)
    • Diabetes
    • Periodontitis and increase dental decay;
    • Detoxication from fungi (Candida albicans and others)
    • Protection against free radicals and ageing of cells;
    • Deep detoxication of the organism;
    • Regeneration and protection of cells against the effect of heavy metals and toxins from the environment;
    • The overall stabilization of the body.

    Use of Cytosan & Cytosan Inovum
    Intensive face mask: Dissolving the content of one capsule in a small amount of water or the product Fytomineral you will get intensive regenerative face mask. Apply it on the face and décolletage. When the mask is dry, rinse it off with water. The effect of the mask can be modified by adding a small amount of some of the Energy bio-information creams.
    Thick paste made of Cytosan or Cytosan Inovum can be used on any deep damage of skin (burns, abrasions, acid or irritant burns).
    Nutrition for plants: Dissolving a capsule in several liters of water will give you a perfect nutrition for your plants. Regular watering with this solution will improve the yield and quality of the fruit and increase their resistance to fungi. One capsule is sufficient for the preparation of an excellent fertilizer for all your indoor plants.
    For pets: Cytosan & Cytosan Inovum are the products that can be used also by your pets. It can be used as a natural option of the prevention of diseases and increase of vitality.
    Caution: in the course of regeneration process it is necessary to increase your intake of fluids.
    Contraindications: do not apply Cytosan and/or Cytosan Inovum when taking cytostatic drugs on a regular basis (chemotherapy).
    Those suffering from cardiovascular diseases and all those who take potassium on regular basis or any other drugs causing retaining potassium in the body (e.g. some diuretics, ACE inhibitors), should always consult their physician about the application of this product.
    Detoxication effect can cause higher frequency of bowel movement. It is a normal process of the evacuation of toxic substances from the body.
    Recommended dosage:
    Adults and children from 12 yo. – 1-2 capsules a day. For fast start-up 3 capsules a day are recommended.
    Children from 6 – 12 yo. – 1 capsule a day.
    Children from 3 – 6 yo. – 1 capsule a day dissolved in a cup of warm tea sweetened with honey.
    The product is not designed for the children under age of 3.
    Interrupt the application for one week after every 2-4 weeks.
    Do not exceed recommended daily dose.

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