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From visions to creations

An International Humanitarian Organization

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Everything we do, we do with purity of heart and clarity of mind. Our core believe and philosophy emanates from the heart centered mind where the principle is to do, to create and to co create in the highest good of all involved 

(Inspired by Jan Huss and Jesus Christ)


Why are we doing this?

Because this Earth belongs to you. We are One Movement, One People, One Family, and One Glorious Nation under God! 

revenue sharing solution

Revenue Sharing Solutions Technical Manual


Program Basics:

The Revenue Sharing Solutions (RSS) Action Plan is a Humanitarian’s dream come true. It solves the problem of getting money into the hands of hundreds of millions of people through an internet platform that keeps on working on its own.

When a Humanitarian joins the RSS Action Plan, they join in the position of a Managing Director (MD) who supplies the funds for the whole program to work.

The RSS is only available to those who are referred by a Beneficiary, already in the program, using that Beneficiary’s ID#, can join. Beneficiaries receive money from the RSS platform through the website address of which will become active after funding is released.

This powerful RSS action plan is the foundation of the other 4 plans, it all starts here. 

The RSS platform will be housed in the Quantum Internet System and will interface with the Quantum Financial System (QFS). This makes the platform safe and secure, easy to transfer money and accessible to most people worldwide.

The purpose of sharing this wealth is to upgrade living standards and provide a life of abundance. The RSS puts the funds where they are needed most and will stabilize the basic fabric of society, the Family.

The RSS experience starts with paying a $10. registration fee, via debit or credit card, to establish a “Beneficiary Account”. Once registered, the platform begins to download funds into the new Beneficiary’s RSS account.

When registered, that entity; whether a human or a lawful nonprofit, is called a “Beneficiary.”


Once the Beneficiary account has begun, it continues to flow to the Beneficiary as a revenue stream that lasts forever.

The minimum age for a Beneficiary Account is 18. A Beneficiary can only establish one Account, and if attempts are made to establish a 2nd account, the alert will be trigger and the offender will be locked out until future explanation.

How the Beneficiary Account works:

A Beneficiary Account receives a download of 10 cents per minute, 24hours per day, 365 days per year.

This download equals:

  • ·  10 cents per minute = $6 per hour

  • ·  $6 per 24-hour day = $144 per day

  • ·  $144 per day = $1,008 per week

  • ·  $144 per day = $4,464 per 31-day month

  • ·  $144 per day = $52,560 per year

A Beneficiary may only register for one Account. However, a Beneficiary may increase their revenue by registering other individuals through the Bonus programs listed below.

The RSS Bonus Program - Incentives to Share the RSS:

1. The $50 Thank You Bonus

A Thank You Bonus of $50 is given when a Beneficiary registers a new Beneficiary under his/her User ID #. There are no limitations as to the number of new Beneficiaries one may register. Keep in mind, this is a revenue-sharing program and has no profit incentive whatsoever for RSS.

2. The Registration Bonus The Registration Bonus program, which is in addition to the Thank You Bonus, increases the per minute download into the Beneficiary’s RSS account, by one Penny for every two new Beneficiaries referred and registered under the User ID #.

Each additional penny adds $14.40 per day, $100.80 per week, and $5,241 per year.

When you, as a Beneficiary, have registered 30 new Beneficiaries, it is the equivalent of adding 15 Cents to the original downloading of 10 Cents per minute.

At a total of 25 Cents per minute download, this gives $$360 per day, $2,520 per week, $10,800 per month, and $131,400 per year. Again, there are no limitations as to the number of new Beneficiaries one may refer and register.

3. The Generation Bonus This Bonus is an increase of the download of one Penny for every 10 new Beneficiaries registered by a 2nd and 3rd generation Beneficiary under the original Beneficiary’s User ID #.

Built into this Bonus is the incentive to share with larger organizations, such as a Church Congregation, or other non-profits. This Generation Bonus is in addition to both the $50 Thank You Bonus and the Registration Bonus.

Holding Accounts:

Based on the Alliance’s determination of a Beneficiary’s intentions and contributions, a Beneficiary will be given access to establish up to six (6) Holding Accounts for any reason they want.

These Holding Accounts will be created directly on a RSS Beneficiary Account, using the Beneficiary’s User ID number, and they will each receive a download of 10 Cents per minute.

The platform will walk the Beneficiary through the Holding Account creation using a very simple outline. The Holding Account itself will be held in honor for a use designated by the Beneficiary.

Access to these Holding Accounts will automatically appear in the back office of the Beneficiary’s Account. As the Beneficiary shows growth in their intentions and contributions, they will be offered the opportunity to create more Holding Accounts, up to a total of six.

Each Holding Account must have a descriptive name and, when completed, there will be a place in the Beneficiary’s Back Office where the Holding Account Documents are stored, and can be viewed for the Beneficiary’s reference.

The Beneficiary may use the ledger in the RSS system to transfer funds from a Holding Account into their Cash Account. The RSS system will show a running balance of each Holding Account and will print a report off of the main page in the Beneficiary’s Back Office.

This process will be similar to online banking, and each Beneficiary will have access to the QFS to establish new Accounts as needed. They will be in complete control of their accounts, either from the RSS platform or any device they use to access the QFS.

The Revenue Sharing Solutions program was designed to put significant funds into the hands of many, many people. The great value to the MD is that the platform is automatic and needs little of their attention. Once it is set up, the only requirement from the MD is to monitor their Master account as it pays out the funds to the Beneficiaries.

The RSS program will add great value to communities which will benefit from the infusion of funds, both strengthening the community as a whole and the families that live there. Ultimately, without financial stress, families will have a better chance of raising children to be responsible adults. The basic RSS, along with the Bonuses, will assist in accomplishing our goal of getting money into the hands that need it most.

We welcome your participation and hope you find joy in serving one another.

Note: The International use of the RSS Program:

We are planning to adjust fees, downloads, and RSS Bonuses to reflect the Socioeconomic circumstance in each country. The figures used in this document reflect its use in the United States of America.


                                                                                                                    Ronald K. Giles, Overseer of qfs2020

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