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Changing the world, one project at a time.

Are you ready for new way of living?
Do you have a humanitarian heart and project 
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From visions to creations

An International Humanitarian Organization

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Everything we do, we do with purity of heart and clarity of mind. Our core believe and philosophy emanates from the heart centered mind where the principle is to do, to create and to co create in the highest good of all involved 

(Inspired by Jan Huss and Jesus Christ)


Why are we doing this?

Because this Earth belongs to you. We are One Movement, One People, One Family, and One Glorious Nation under God! 

Economic Stabilization System

Economic Stabilization System (ESS) Action Plan

Through the redemption process, we will have amassed a large sum of money and many of us intend to use it for mankind all over the earth. We will find many more projects to fund, than we had originally planned, and the ESS could just be one such project.

Mission Statement:

Mission Statement: The Mission of the National Economic Stabilization and Financial Assurance Program is to stabilize the market prices in each of the four Economic Sectors of the Economy by pre-purchasing all annual production of commodities and/or goods; warehousing of purchased commodities and/or goods; and distribute them to consumer marketing outlets already established. This will be accomplished in each country of the world in support of the International Commodity Clearing Houses program. The NES and FAP program is designed in such a way that it will ensure financial stability for every participant in the World Economy.

Employment Contract Shares (ECS) are introduced in this program. We are looking to divide ECS into two different names or categories: Corporate Employment Contractsand Service Employment Contracts. Corporate Contracts will be administered by Ray of Light Industries while the other is administered by the CAC Directors.

Problem – Solution:

The national labor force may replace their individual need for employment by participating in the RSS program ($1,008 per week). If everyone quits working, adjustments will be needed in the workforce in order to keep the economy from falling apart.

So, in addition to the regular RSS downloads, we will incorporate an additional use of the RSS platform as Employment Contract Accounts (ECA).

By design, this will help alleviate the problem of a decreasing labor force. People need to feel productive doing things they enjoy. Ray of Light Industries (RLI), a division of Ray of Light International, will administer this program.

By signing a pre-production purchase agreement with RLI, a Corporation may embrace the ECA program to sustain their labor force. RLI will implement the proper contracts that will address all pertinent issues and will allow all parties to come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Any Corporation, large or small, can contract with RLI to incorporate ECA’s to stabilize its work force and remain productive. Service-oriented local businesses will be offered ECA’s for their employees by Directors of the CAC by signing a contract including stipulations described later in this document.

The Lottery Mentality:

When lottery winners are asked what they will do with their winnings, they usually say that they want to quit working. This presents a challenge to MD’s who will be putting large sums of money into much of society.

If workers quit their jobs, who will produce the things we need to buy to sustain our communities? Who will offer basic services currently provided by firemen, policemen, teachers, doctors and nurses?

As you can see, the RSS could be a detriment to society in general, so we need to address this issue.

By design, this will help alleviate the problem of a decreasing labor force by providing a financial incentive to continue working and being productive. ECA’s will begin at 25 cents per minute download and include free health care and quarterly raises of $100 per week.

Two Levels of Employment Contract Accounts:

The ECA contracts are broken down into two separate levels of administration:
1. The Directors of the Community Assistance Centers

2. The larger Corporate Contract Program will be administered by RLI. We will work with individual MD’s to implement the programs at both levels.

As also mentioned above, Directors in our CAC’s, will administer the ECA’s for service-oriented businesses within a community such as mechanics, restaurant workers, gardeners, dry cleaners, local theater actors, etc. The Director will have the authority to establish the ECA at a wage that is recommended by the owner or manager of the business.

This will eliminate labor costs for the owner while retaining supervisory control over the employees, including hiring and firing when needed. With approval of the Director, the owner or manager will also receive an ECA.

Any corporation, with more than approximately 20 employees, may contract directly with RLI to add ECA’s within its corporate structure. RLI will administer the program throughout the world using MD's who will contract directly with RLI.

Contracts for Pre-purchasing Explained:

To assure the Financial Viability of Commodity suppliers etc., and, in addition to the ECA program, we are introducing the concept of pre-purchasing all of the manufactured products or food stuffs that a corporation or a farmer produces on an annual basis.

RLI will take ownership of the goods and distribute them through currently established distribution channels. MD’s will be reimbursed for pre-purchased goods and commodities when payment is made through these distribution channels.

This procedure will also act to bring consistent prices to the consumer and avoid inflation, or price variants, caused by mother nature or other supply chain problems.

We will also work with existing middlemen and brokers so that they too will be profitable and perform their services to ensure products and goods are available to the consumer.

RLI will take ownership of the products and will adjust prices to ensure everybody along the production and distribution channels are also profitable.

By signing a, pre-production purchase agreement with RLI, a corporation may initiate the ECA program to sustain their labor force.

Beneficiary Account Adjustments for Employment Contracts:

The Human Resources (HR) Department for each Corporation may scale the ECA payout to accommodate the pay structure of the company; starting at 25 cents per minute up to 2 dollars per minute. The RSS platform will call the ECA-37 for an ECA @ 37 cents per minute payout.

Each penny added to the download creates a 60 cent per hour increase, which equals $14.40 per day, or about $100 per week.

Contract Provisions for Corporations:

1. Binding minimum 10-year contract with options to continue in 10-year increments. Each MD, as an RLI agent, will issue a 10-year Performance Bond for the upfront purchase of the company’s annual production. (The unused funds from the MD’s annual or quarterly structured payouts will accumulate in a Bond Fund Account)

2. The 5-year average of a company’s production equals the product pre-purchase quantity.

3. The Price we pay for the item will be set at the Corporation's wholesale price, minus the labor cost based on a 5-year average. (We are already paying the labor through the ECA, which include employee benefits as well as free family health insurance.)

4. Existing or new Employees execute a 7-year Employment Contract and become independent contractors of the company. RLI is the contracting Employment Agency and will execute an Assignment of the Labor Contract to the Corporation where the employee works.

5. RLI will issue up to ??? billion-dollar Performance Bond** (see note below) to secure a corporation’s position in the contract. The bond amount will be determined according to the corporation’s economic factors.

6. Corporate HR to use existing chain of command supervision to ensure execution of Independent Contractor’s responsibilities.

7. Middle management and below will be offered ECA’s. Corporate officers and upper management benefits and salary schedules will be the responsibilities of the CEO and Board of Directors, and will be paid by Corporate Profits.

8. At the completion of the 7 Year employment contract, the ECA will continue to payout indefinitely, and will continue to include free Health Care benefits for employee, spouse and family members under the age of twenty-three. If the employee continues to work beyond the Contract term, the one-cent raise each month will continue until the employees retires, as will the other contract benefits. The raise increases will end when the term of the contract ends.

9. RLI will make interest free expansion loans available for our contracted companies.

**Note: Ray of light foundation Quarterly Structured Payouts, not used for humanitarian projects, will be used to establish an Umbrella Bond account. This Umbrella Bond, controlled by RLF, will act as a Double Performance Bond to secure the Company’s Interest as well as the interests of the participating MD’s.

This is necessary because once the corporation signs a contract with RLI, through its agents, their corporate structure and the way they do business will change direction and would be very costly, if not impossible, to change back.

The MD’s Bond and the RLF Umbrella Bond gives a double Bond to establish credibility for the whole program.

Employment Contract terms:

1. Seven Year minimum with options to continue after 7 years to include benefits and periodic increases in per-minute-payouts.

2. Human Resources of the manufacturer will administer and control employee relationship with company. Grievances to be resolved by binding arbitration.

3. Employment Contract payout will range from 25 cents to 2 dollar per-minute, scaled to Corporate salary levels as per existing structure. Once set-in motion, the Contract payout will not diminish but will increase over the period of the contract. This is a built-in retirement benefit.

4. Employment Contracts will also include free Health Care insurance for employee and immediate family members or dependents until age 23.

5. During the Contract term, RSS will add one penny per minute download for each contract Quarter worked. Over the 7-year contract period, the increase in payout downloads would be 28 cents, which equals an additional $2,800 per week increase over the beginning contract payout schedule. One penny equals a raise of approximately $100 per week or $400 per month or $1,200 per quarter.

6. Remedies for breaking the Employment Contract provisions may result in the lowering of the per minute download up to the deactivation of the Employment Contract.

If egregious enough, the Arbitration Board may penetrate into the Beneficiary’s ECA and lower the payout for all bonus increases, such as the Registration Bonus of one penny for every two new Beneficiaries, earned up to the point of Arbitration’s punitive actions.

Beneficiary initiated Holding Accounts may also be deactivated.

The original Beneficiary RSS download will not go below 10 Cent per minute, is inviolable and will not be a part of any further Arbitrations’ Punitive actions.

A Home purchase increase for the per-minute increase will not be affected.

7. Those who break their Employment Contract may begin registering new beneficiaries and Holding Accounts, and participate in the Bonus program after one year from the date of the Arbitration’s punitive action.

8. An Employment Contract does not stop a person’s involvement in the RSS Beneficiary program, including Bonuses.

Benefits of the ESS:

A. Manufacturers of hard or soft goods, as well as automobiles and heavy equipment, will sell all of their annual production at prices that ensure Industry financial viability. RLI will be able to lower prices a little each year providing consumers even better opportunities to stretch their budget,. RLI has no profit incentive and can sell our goods at a loss.

B. The overall goal for the auto Industry is to make newer models available for more people, as they are safer and pollute less. Giving Auto Dealers more for trade-ins for cars older than 5 years, makes the roads safer.

B2. Farmers and other food producers will continue to be financially viable from year to year with all production being pre-sold at the beginning of the growing season, eliminating the need for production loans.

Farmers will never go through bankruptcy or foreclosure due to bad production years caused by drought or other unforeseen problems.

Farmers will receive Employment Contract Amounts (ECA) for all workers including the Farmer's family. In addition to the ECA’s for laborers, the farm owners will receive a signing bonus of $1.00 per minute download ($525,600 per year) to cover new equipment expenses, repairs and upgrades and repair to their soil.

C. Prices to the consumers will be consistent from year to year with little change. Food production and food processing companies will have a requirement to upgrade nutritional value within three years with an emphasis on Organic food and healthy processes for growing food. We will quickly phase out all GMO seeds and produce with an emphasis of doing away with corn syrup production, which will be replaced with real sugar as soon as sugar production can meet the demands.

D. Ranchers and cattle producers will be invited to produce two-year-old baby bull meat that will require feeding hay through one winter. Baby bull meat is tender, nutritional, and tastes great. This will require more hay production and require investments in raw land to grow alfalfa.

E. All manufacturers, producers and participants in the creating of goods and services will be assured a strong financial reward for their efforts. Nobody will be left out from the abundance that will result from the infusion of quadrillions of dollars into the economy.


F. With the sale of all items manufactured and produced, the economy will sizzle. Couple that with the download of thousands of dollars into the hands of consumers through the RSS program and people will be able to buy all that is produced. This ensures that each segment of society will flourish in support of the Basic Unit of Society, the Family.


                                                                                                                     Ronald K. Giles, Overseer of qfs2020

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