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From visions to creations

An International Humanitarian Organization

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Everything we do, we do with purity of heart and clarity of mind. Our core believe and philosophy emanates from the heart centered mind where the principle is to do, to create and to co create in the highest good of all involved 

(Inspired by Jan Huss and Jesus Christ)


Why are we doing this?

Because this Earth belongs to you. We are One Movement, One People, One Family, and One Glorious Nation under God! 

Community Assistance Centers

The Community Assistance Centers (CAC) Technical Manual


The Community Assistance Centers (CAC) are the major vehicle Managing Directors (MD’s) will use to bring a wide variety of projects and activities to their communities.

Managing Directors Participation in The CAC:

MD’s (who have started offering the RSS program) can further their Humanitarian work by implementing the CAC action plan in an area of their choice. We recommend starting where you live and then expanding from there, utilizing your sphere of influence as you make your choices.

Boots on the Ground Admin Organization:

To begin, the MD will hire a Director who will be in charge of a particular geographical area or community. As the CAC grows, the MD’s will hire Directors for other local communities. Training and hiring Directors is one of the MD’s main responsibilities, however LWS will put together training videos to assist in this task.

A Director will be the administrator overseeing a geographically designated community, and will have the authority to hire as many assistant directors as he/she feels are necessary to accomplish the humanitarian efforts in that community.

The Director will have Six main areas of responsibility:

1. Directors will seek out small, locally owned businesses and offer Business Owner’s Contract Accounts (BOCA) to the owners.

The business owner will first be registered as a Beneficiary in the RSS program, and then their per minute download will be adjusted to accommodate the new BOCA. This will stabilize the business and assist in supporting the community.

It is recommended that business owners receive a download that would give the owner double the present income from their business.

The term of the Contract is negotiable and It should include a 1 Cent raise, $100. per week, every Quarter for the entire term of the contract. The contract would also include Health Insurance provided by an independent Insurance company. The Directors will receive the bonuses associated with the RSS Beneficiary program.

2. Under the direction of the business owner, contracts will be offered to all employees at a rate that would give them double their present pay scale.

The Directors will have the authority to establish Staff Contracts in the RSS Platform using a personal Pin number, and they will have personal access to the RSS Platform under the Benefactor’s ID #. They will also have the ability to adjust the per-minute download to the amount the business owner has negotiated with the employee.

3. The Directors will act as a liaison for the RSS Beneficiary program. They will interface with those non-profit organizations that are participating in the Revenue Sharing Solution program, such as a church congregation or a club, as they register their members into the RSS program.

4. The Directors will administer the use of grants for infrastructure improvements such as buildings, playground and equipment, fields developed for sports and other activities, and will coordinate with humanitarian projects initiated by the churches and other nonprofits.

5. CAC Directors will interface with Government officials to establish Employment Contract Accounts for essential government workers such as Police, Fire and EMS personnel. Other Government funding shortfalls may use Beneficiary Accounts to infuse funds into certain government programs. A Government must be GESARA Compliant and have access to the QFS in order for our CAC and RSS programs to work in their country.

6. The Directors and Assistant Directors will also support the Private/Residential Home Funding program (PHF) to assist Beneficiaries in owning their own homes. With the remodeling of homes as a part of the purchase price of the home, an Assistant Director could be tasked with organizing and contracting remodeling crews using the Business Owner Contract Accounts to pay those involved in the remodeling process.

The Directors may have many expanded responsibilities as the CAC is implemented in a community. With all of these responsibilities, the Director may hire as many Assistant Directors as needed.

The Assistant Directors can be given authority to function using the Directors credentials and pin numbers in the RSS program.

Many neighborhoods have underfunded volunteers who provide a tremendous service for underprivileged children, etc. We suggest MD’s search out these individuals and employ them as Directors or Assistant Directors. They should be given authority to build local organizations using the MD’s funds to support their activities. Setting up MD Accounts, with Directors overseeing the expenditures, is a great way to put funds into the communities’ activities. At all times, the MD will have complete control of their funds.

Benefiting Inner-City Populations:

One phase of the CAC program focuses on the inner-city populations where youngsters may come from dysfunctional families. The RSS platform, as a tool, will play a key role in finding and funding existing programs on a local level using Grants, MD Accounts and Employment Contract Accounts. Directors can seek out underfunded volunteers to become Directors or Assistant Directors and put them under Employment Contracts. In addition, MD Accounts can be used to enhance Government funding, so that the Government programs can continue and expand as needed.

MD Accounts could be established to cover fixed expenses, overhead and provide supplies and equipment for after-school use for either Government programs or non-profits. Those in the organization could use the RSS “Beneficiary Bonuses,” to do fundraising by registering new members under the non-profit organization’s User ID#. Every two new members will add another $100 per week to the non-profit.

Creating a Future for Inner-City Children:

Beneficiaries can create Holding Accounts for inner-city children under 18 to provide for their growing up expenses and savings, which will significantly change the way they grow up. Obviously, this would have to be done in coordination with a parent or guardian involved in the child’s life. These accounts can pay for an education in a field of interest, and the sustained income will give them what they need to create the life they envision.

When coupled with the PHF, these children will be able to see a way to obtain a home of their own when they turn 21. Having this to look forward to can create opportunities that may not presently even be imagined. When a child turns 18, they can register as an individual Beneficiary to support their own financial endeavors and dreams. Imagine if we could go back and begin our lives over without money problems. These children will be able to do just that!

A Director may hire an Assistant Director to source classes which educate young people in Domestic Living. Money Management, Homeownership, Family Planning, Home and Auto Repair and many other life skills can be offered.

This endeavor may even help in creating a curriculum for an entire program for youngsters, and that curriculum could even be shared with other communities. Scholarships could be awarded to attend and Graduation gifts could be given for completion.

2-year Volunteer Mentor Program:

Retired professionals can be called upon to act as mentors, teachers, and advisors for those who come from broken homes and want to find their niche in life. These Mentors can be compensated using the RSS Employment Contract.

Managing The CAC Structure:

MD’s are required to delegate responsibility and maintain accountability, through the use of management reports. The use of a credible accounting firm will help support Stewardship Responsibilities for the MD's and the Chain of Directors.

Therefore, each Beneficiary Account and Employment Contract Account should be registered with an accounting firm. The accounting firm will generate reports for each level of management to ascertain the effectiveness of the Directors and to build an efficient, well-functioning humanitarian structure.


                                                                                                                     Ronald K. Giles, Overseer of qfs2020

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