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REGALEN+Eco Candle

REGALEN+Eco Candle

Use: It may be used for eczema, allergies, dyspepsia and indigestion, gall bladder dysfunction or gallstones, psoriasis, impure skin, fungi in organism, asthma, and their chronic conditions. It has a powerful regenerative effect that may be used in the regeneration of liver damaged by infectious diseases such as jaundice, mononucleosis, and in cases of fatigue. It facilitates regeneration and nutrition of cartilages, and detoxication of cells, lowers level of cholesterol, strengthens immunity, as a prevention of oncological diseases, and the overall regeneration of the organism. It is also effective in dyspepsia and indigestion; in cases of gall bladder dysfunction or gallstones, flatulence, general exhaustion, photophobia, parasites in intestines, stomach and digestive tract disorders caused by different types of microorganisms. It may be used also in cases of hair rootlets ache and headaches occurring in the ear area and spreading toward cervical spine.

    Energy bio-information products affect a human body at several levels at the same time. While the active substances act directly on organs and processes in our body, the information factors obliterate a cause of illness in the information field through bio-resonance.


    Regalen is a bio-information product with a wide-spectrum regenerative effect that is manufactured using the latest achievements in the fields of phytotherapy, psychotronics, crystal therapy and bio-resonance.


    This highly concentrated product (30 ml equals 400 ml of a typical extract) is made using a special technology. It contains neither alcohol, nor sugar; therefore it is suitable also for those suffering from diabetes. It contains all plant substances soluble in both, water and alcohol.


    Regalen influences primarily the channels of liver, gall bladder, and three burners; and thus works on problems related to their inadequate functioning. However, it harmonizes also a number of other energy channels – e.g. yin connective, connective and side branch of the urinary bladder, tendo-muscular channel of large intestine, side branch of small intestine and stomach connective one.

    The liver plays an important role in detoxification processes. Its pair organ is gall bladder. A non-resolved problem in liver can shortly cause problems in gall bladder and vice versa. Through consumption of a small amount of sour food we stimulate the function of liver. Large amounts of sour food have an opposite effect. Liver filters blood and rids it of toxins; it regulates blood sugar levels; it metabolizes carbohydrates, proteins and lipids; it produces enzymes and bile, which is necessary for the digestion of fats in the intestine. Together, the liver and the gall bladder represent two guardians who safeguard our internal purity.


    Detoxication cannot take place if our intestines are not in a good condition. By overeating, we allow the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms in the intestines, including the replication of fungi. This is mainly due to the fact that the food in the intestines cannot all be fermented and so it rots. If the function of the intestinal mucus has in some manner been impaired, the toxins excreted by the liver and those produced by fermentation return to the body. The detoxification processes of the body cannot keep up and waste products accumulate. They form various depots throughout the body, especially in fatty tissue, the joints and in the dysfunctional lymphatic system.

    Regalen contains a special blend of the essential oils that inhibits destructive processes and acts against fungi. For example, marigold oil has absolutely specific effect on fungi and it regenerates the liver. Intestinal malfunction disrupts the assimilation and absorption of elements and vitamins. If the organism is functioning correctly, it is capable of assimilating all the necessary substances to be found in a quality diet. Mega-doses of vitamins overload the body unnecessarily, and weaken its natural functions.

    On the other hand, by removing the cause and bolstering the correct functioning of organs via their natural energy network, we will achieve the maximum regeneration of the body.

    Amara, which have been replaced in our diet by sugar, play an important role in this process of regeneration. As bile is bitter too, the amara supplied to the body improve the functioning of the liver.

    The ancient nations knew that amara facilitated the digestive process and thus every elixir of life contained amara in great quantities. These well-tried and tested substances act as “regenerators” in our bodies. A great number of allergies, eczema, various skin rashes and other civilization diseases are caused by the dys- or mal- function of the liver, gall bladder and kidneys.


    Amara are able to stimulate the production of anti-allergens in liver, as well as the detoxification of the body, all of which has a positive effect on the above mentioned health problems together with a positive effect on the heart. Regalen also contains a number of bio-active substances supporting the regeneration of cells.


    Notice: The latest research has revealed that in the process of frying and baking of food containing starch is created a dangerous carcinogenic acrylamide. E.g., one chip (0.5 g) or French-fried potato (2 g) may contain so much of this substance that is maximum amount per one liter of water. Application of Regalen after meals facilitates digestion and detoxication of organism.


    Use of Regalen from the mental point of view:

    The product may be used also as to your mood and state of mind. Liver and gall bladder disorders express themselves in our state of mind as rage, impulsive behavior, anger, weak self-control, heightened irritability, oversensitiveness to noise or strong aromas and tastes, inflexible thinking, unbalanced behavior, overdone planning, hairsplitting, chronic dissatisfaction, obscure thinking. The aforementioned moods and conditions have a negative impact on liver and gall bladder and in all these cases


    Regalen may be used as a harmonizing agent.

    Combination with the cream Protektin is recommended.


    Regeneration process and dosage:

    Shake well before use (approx. 21x). This leads to the dynamization of the information components, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the product.

    Take 3 – 9 drops 1-3x a day, half an hour before or after the meal. Put drops on a spoon and apply directly or put them in a glass of water. To stimulate the process of detoxication increase your intake of fluids within the period of regeneration process.

    The prevention dose is 3 drops a day, while the regeneration dose is 9 drops.

    In pregnancy no regeneration products should be used, unless a physician is consulted.

    In chronic conditions apply minimum dosage, in acute conditions maximum dosage. In the event of temporary or transient aggravation, decrease the dosage down to minimum, or take the syrup by drops even in longer intervals than one day. After improvement return to the original dosage. Do not discontinue, as these are symptoms of the reverse regeneration process, during which symptoms of previous diseases may appear. This phenomenon represents only a positive regenerative reaction!

    In severe cases and in serious hormonal dysfunctions we recommend smaller initial doses and the prior consultation of a physician.

    After three weeks interrupt the application for one week.

    In some cases, 1 package may suffice for regeneration; that is a one-month dose including a week-long pause. In more severe cases, more packages may be needed.

    Suitable for diabetics.

  • Liver Meridian

    The yin pathway running upwards from the base of the big toenail, across the instep, the internal ankle, crossing the spleen meridian above it and then progressing behind this along the medial side of the thigh to the groin, where it circles the external genitalia; it then proceeds through the lower side of the abdomen and diverges sideways beneath the false ribs. The following section is inter-connected with the stomach, liver and gallbladder. This is apparently an internal branch. From the liver, it continues along the medial side of the torso across the diaphragm and subcostal area to the throat. Behind the pharynx, it penetrates the nasal cavity and through this reaches the eye nerves. It proceeds to the crown, where it joins the governor pathway. From the eye nerves, a small branch heads to the corners of the mouth and circles the lips from inside. The last short branch emerges from the liver, penetrates through the diaphragm and disperses into the lungs. According to some sources, though, it continues to the region of the stomach and central emitter.


    Physical manifestations of energy imbalance

    Besides illnesses relating to liver functions, local ailments are also associated with this meridian, such as a swollen scrotum in men and abdomen in women, problems bending the torso forwards or backwards, pain in the small of the back and headaches, tinnitus, blurred vision, dry eyes, bloating in the hypochondrium, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, digestive disorders, incontinence or difficulties urinating, increased fatigue, alternating swelling of the scrotum, muscle cramps along the path, illness of tendons, joints and ligaments, dry face with dusty color, soft, weak, brittle nails, hair without shine.


    Psychiatric manifestations of energy imbalance

    Excessive self-control, feeling of weak self-control, unbalanced behavior and emotions, outbursts of rage, anger, impulsive expressions, increased irritability, oversensitivity to noise, to strong odors and tastes, frustration, inflexibility of thinking, overworked feeling with incapacity to relax, excessive plans

  • REGALEN Content

    REGALEN contains these herbs:

    Agrimonia eupatoria: is used in liver, stomach, intestine and gall bladder inflammation; in heart failure and fatigue. It is useful in the treatment of metabolic and digestive defects.

    Chelidonium majus: is used in severe cases of liver and gall bladder disease; in eczema, allergy, gallstones, and asthma. It relieves spasms and cramps. It has been proved to have anticancer and antimycotic properties.

    Galium verum: has a positive effect on the lymphatic system, and on the function of the spleen, liver and kidneys. It is used as a diuretic and spasmolytic agent.

    Gentiana lutea: stimulates the production of erythrocytes and leucocytes. It is used in flatulence, in gall bladder dysfunction, and as a neuro-stimulating agent and stomachic.

    Pimpinella saxifraga: stimulates the digestive processes and the production of bile. It is used in bronchitis, urolithiasis and mucosal inflammation of the larynx.

    Plantago lanceolata: is used in liver disease, jaundice, gallstones, constipation, and chronic bronchitis. It contains germanium which has antimycotic properties.

    Potentilla erecta: is used in stomach and small intestine inflammation; in diarrhea and internal bleeding. It stimulates the function of liver and has antibacterial properties.

    Silybum marianum: the seeds are extremely well suited for the treatment of virtually all diseases of the liver and gall bladder. They regenerate and protect liver cells, and have antipyretic properties. They contain a great quantity of sulfur.

    Taraxacum officinale: is used in diseases of the liver, pancreas, gall bladder and kidneys. It purifies the blood and intestines and stimulates digestion. It is very effective in diabetes and skin disease.

    Veronica officinalis: is an effective diuretic. It purifies the blood and decreases blood cholesterol levels. It is used in diseases of the liver and spleen; and has a positive effect on eczema.

    Saxifraga granulata: is used in cases of gallstones and urolithiasis, and in the treatment of mycosis and acne. It is also used for the regeneration of cells and in cases of dysfunction of the metabolic processes. Another application is in the treatment of liver, spleen and skin disease. It has a diuretic effect.

    Marrubium vulgare: is effective in the treatment of internal purulent processes, peptic ulcers, cardiac arrhythmia, constipation, as well as in the treatment of respiratory tract, gall blader, and liver disease.

    Artemisia abrotanum: stimulates the secretion of bile, metabolism, and proper liver functioning. It is effective in cases of fever, mycosis and heart disease.

    Zanthoxylum piperitum: It is a plant of Ruta family with wide spectrum of effects mainly on liver, lungs, spleen, pancreas and the CNS. It has tonifying, antimicrobial and antiviral effects.

    Furthermore, Regalen contains plant and mineral information, e.g. malachite, bismuth, and others.