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GYNEX+ Eco Candle

GYNEX+ Eco Candle

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Use: as natural medicine for menopause, pre-menstrual tension, menoxenia, hormonal dysfunction, vaginal discharge, ovaritis, osteoporosis, flushes, breast lumps, and other menopausal complaints. Further it helps in cases of male infertility, stomach inflammatory conditions, and tooth decay. This product has a positive effect in women on hair loss associated with thyroid gland dysfunction. While being on a diet, through central nervous system it helps the body to suppress the “feeling” of hunger and stabilize psyche. It retards aging and improves energy balance of the organism. It is an excellent breast and womb cancer prevention. This product may be used as an adjuvant in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and in cases of immunosuppression. Further it is suitable in prostate inflammatory conditions, and to increase of a number of testosterone receptors in men. Combination Gynex, Peralgin, and Cytovital cream can also be used as herbal remedies for PMS.

    Energy bio-information products affect a human body at several levels at the same time. While the active substances act directly on organs and processes in our body, the information factors obliterate a cause of illness in the information field through bio-resonance.


    Gynex is a bio-information herbal product with a wide-spectrum regenerative effect that is manufactured using the latest achievements in the fields of phytotherapy, psychotronics, crystal therapy and bio-resonance.


    This highly concentrated product (30 ml equals 400 ml of a typical extract) is made using a special technology. It contains neither alcohol, nor sugar; therefore it is suitable also for those suffering from diabetes. It contains all plant substances soluble in both, water and alcohol.


    Gynex primarily influences the channel of conception and its connective, the channels of three burners, lateral pathway of lungs, stomach connective, large intestine and its tendomuscular pathway, and thus it affects problems related to their insufficient function.

    For example, dysfunction of the conception channel is associated with problems in the underbelly. The main power of this complex made up of herbs, the energy of crystals and homeopathic components is directed towards the regeneration of the hormone system, which plays a vital role in the regulation of all human functions and systems.

    Pancreas is the most active gland of our digestive system. At the same time it produces various types of gastric juices that break apart varied ingredients of our food. Pancreas of any healthy man produces also the hormone insulin. The Greek word “hormaó” means to propel, as well as to stimulate. Hormones act as chemical regulators, biocatalysts and conveyors of information to various organs and tissues in the body and are effective at very low concentrations. They regulate development, growth, spiritual and physical life. The blood carries them to the designated target. A balanced level of these highly active substances in the blood represents a basic precondition for the correct functioning of the body. The operation of the whole hormonal system is synchronized. The human body is capable to produce the necessary hormones itself but various types of radiation, stress, electromagnetic smog, chemical substances and some drugs (e.g., sedatives - albeit in small concentrations, but with a stable and continuous impact) have a negative effect not only on cells, but also on the whole hormone system. In the final phase it may lead to the number of malfunctions of organs and impairment of functioning of the immune system. Through consumption of a small amount of sweet food we stimulate the function of pancreas and spleen. And vice versa, large amounts of sweet food have a negative effect. Stomach is a pair organ of spleen and pancreas.


    Thyroid gland is an important part of the hormonal system. Gynex contains trace volumes of active substances from herbs (e.g., iodine from the seaweed Fucus vesiculosus) that harmonize its function.

    In diseases of the thyroid gland, the body uses up large quantities of calcium, as a consequence of iodine deficiency, for the latter regulates calcium metabolism. A minute amount of iodine has a great effect on our body. It accelerates metabolic processes, and thus helps our body burn off excess fats. It improves the quality of hair, nails, skin and teeth. Iodine regulates the speed with which the cells in our body utilize oxygen. If, upon waking up in the morning, your body temperature is less than 36.5 °C, it may indicate a hypo function of your thyroid gland.


    Gynex contains plant hormones – substances similar to the human hormones. There are mainly plant substances that have estrogenic effect. They are capable of detoxicating various chemical substances such as DDT from the human body. They have strong anti-inflammatory effect and positive influence on the function of female organs. They act as the prevention of oncological breast diseases, they alleviate menopause-related problems and protect against cardiac diseases and osteoporosis. They protect and improve the function of mucous membranes, most of all uterus. They do not burden the body, which can decide when it shall use the plant hormone as a substitution for a missing hormone, or whether it shall use it to eliminate the excess of some of its own hormones.


    Everything happens peacefully without a risk of development of some serious diseases. The scientific study carried out on 16 000 volunteers (women) in the USA in 2002 revealed that a long-term application of synthetic hormonal products in a period of menopause has a negative effect on the women's health. Somewhere in the middle of the testing they interrupted the study and issued a serious warning: Long-term use of hormonal preparations increases a risk of heart attack, development of cancer by 26 %, and apoplexy by 41 %.


    Gynex contains a unique blend of the essential oils that has a positive effect on hormonal system and at the same time inhibits disintegrative processes. The essential oils have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-microbial, antiviral and antimycotic effects.


    Due to the high content of phyto-oestrogens Gynex is a true rejuvenator of men and women. In men the phyto-oestrogens increase a number of testosterone receptors. Those are necessary for better use of the male hormone testosterone that influences the build-up of musculature and increases of the male sexual activity.


    Strong detoxicating, antioxidant, and regenerative effects of the complex of herbs and information may be used as a prevention, and as a supplement in cases of gynecological complaints of an inflammatory or hormonal nature such as pre-menstrual tension, menoxenia, hormonal dysfunction, vaginal discharge, ovaritis; as well as complaints associated with menopause like osteoporosis, flushes, breast lumps related to menoxenia or in other menopausal complaints. It may be used also as a prevention of development of breast and uterus cancer. It is suitable for harmonization of hypophysis, epiphysis, thymus gland, thyroid gland, pancreas, adrenal gland, ovaries function, and for improvement of skin and lungs. During menopause the plant substances may be used to improve the function and protection of mucous membranes (mainly of uterus), in some cases of immunodeficiency, virus infections, tooth decay, and arthritis. It also helps in the stomach and prostate inflammatory conditions, and to increase a number of testosterone receptors in men; as a protection of blood vessels; and in cases of male and female infertility.


    This product has a positive effect on hair loss in women associated with thyroid gland dysfunction. This product may be used as a supplement in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. While being on a diet, through central nervous system it helps the body to suppress the “feeling” of hunger and stabilize psyche. It retards aging and improves the energy condition of our body. It is usable in all conditions caused by disharmony of the relevant energy channels.


    For more detail information please see the brochure Regeneration in Pentagram where is a description of all main energy channels.


    Gynex can be administered together with hormonal treatment.


    Use of Gynex from the mental point of view:

    The product may be used also as to your mood and state of mind. Spleen and pancreas disorders express themselves in our state of mind as tearfulness, emotional instability, ‘stage' fright, restlessness, weak will, self-pity, inadvertence, difficult adjustment to our surroundings, undue solicitude, casting aspersions about others, slow thinking, memory disorders, and misery.

    If you find yourself being in the aforementioned moods very often, it has a negative effect on your spleen and pancreas. Gynex can be used to harmonize the aforementioned conditions.


    Combination with the cream Cytovital is recommended.


    Regeneration process and dosage:

    Shake well before use (approx. 21x). This leads to the dynamization of the information components, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the product.

    Take 3 – 9 drops 1-3x a day, half an hour before or after the meal. Put drops on a spoon and apply directly or put them in a glass of water. To stimulate the process of detoxication increase your intake of fluids within the period of regeneration process.


    The prevention dose is 3 drops a day, while the regeneration dose is 9 drops.

    In pregnancy no regeneration products should be used, unless a physician is consulted.

    In chronic conditions apply minimum dosage, in acute conditions maximum dosage. In the event of temporary or transient aggravation, decrease the dosage down to minimum, or take the syrup by drops even in longer intervals than one day. After improvement return to the original dosage. Do not discontinue, as these are symptoms of the reverse regeneration process, during which symptoms of previous diseases may appear. This phenomenon represents only a positive regenerative reaction!


    In severe cases and in serious hormonal dysfunctions we recommend smaller initial doses and the prior consultation of a physician.

    After three weeks interrupt the application for one week.

    In some cases, 1 package may suffice for regeneration; that is a one-month dose including a week-long pause. In more severe cases, more packages may be needed.

    Suitable for diabetics.

  • Product Content

    Gynex contains these herbs:

    Robinia pseudoacacia: is used as a spasmolytic agent in gastric cramps and spasms of intestine smooth musculature. It has distinctive diuretic properties. It increases the production of natural enzymes and is thus used to stimulate and improve digestion, without increasing hunger.

    Potentilla anserina: relieves spasms in colic and menstruation pains. It is a cholagogue and it has an anti-inflammatory and astringent effects. It is used in cases of bloody diarrhea. It contains a great amount of lithium.

    Imperatoria ostruthium: stimulates the whole digestive tract. It is used in dysmenorrhoea, in uterine tumors, in diseases of the liver, kidneys, spleen, urinary tract and nervous system. It improves blood circulation and increases resistance to stress.

    Geranium robertianum: is used in the treatment of male and female infertility, in urologic complaints, neuritis, eczema, and internal bleeding. It contains radium.

    Galega officinalis: decreases blood sugar levels. It is suitable for the treatment of urinary tract inflammation and in febrile illnesses associated with rash. It increases the production of milk.

    Foeniculum vulgare: is an excellent secretolytic agent. It improves expectoration; suppresses seizures and flatulence. It improves digestion and the production of milk. It contains substances similar to female hormones.

    Galium verum: is used in inflammation and seizures. It has a positive effect on the lymphatic system and on the function of the thyroid gland, liver and spleen.

    Fucus vesiculosus: contains natural iodine and a large amount of minerals. It decreases the risk of breast and uterine tumors. It is used in cases of thyroid gland hypo function and in obesity. It has anti-rheumatic properties.

    Glycyrrhiza glabra: contains substances similar to the corticoid-type hormones produced by the adrenal glands. It is used in the treatment of cough, inflammation, rheumatism, gravels, and gastric ulcers and as a spasmolytic agent.

    Calendula officinalis: is very effective in the treatment of gynecological diseases; inflammation; diseases of the pancreas and liver; heart palpitations; asthma. It inhibits the growth of bacteria.

    Trifolium pratense: is used in the treatment of eczema; in diseases of the lungs and kidneys; in rheumatism, asthma, and anaemia. It is also used in cases of lymphatic system dysfunction, in painful menstruation, in ovaritis. It contains substances similar to female hormones, as well as flavonids, which suppress free radicals.

    Lamium album: has a soothing property. It is used in menoxenia, vaginal discharge, ulcers, varicose veins, oedema, and inflammation. It facilitates expectoration and stimulates metabolism.

    Alchemilla vulgaris: is used in all types of gynecological diseases, in intestinal catarrh, in diabetes, in dropsy, in liver and kidney disease, and in gastric ulcers.

    Vaccinium myrtillus: is especially useful in diabetes, inflammation, and intestinal colic. It has anti-microbial and antiseptic properties.

    Sanguisorba officinalis: has an antiseptic, anti-diarrheic, and adstringent property. It stops all types of bleeding. It has very good anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is effective against protozoa. It has an overall stimulating effect on the organism.

  • Meidian

    It begins in the hollow beside the nostrils, leading to the root of the nose and through the corner of the eye, where it links to the Urinary Bladder
    Meridian. It then turns under the middle of the lower eye lid, from where it goes under the cheek bone, turns under the nose, and breaks off at a sharp angle, leading laterally above the upper lip to the corner of the mouth.
    It then leads along the edge of the chin up along the jaw, then rises straight in front of the ear to the corner of the forehead, and along the hair line to the middle of the upper edge of the forehead. It has a branch running from the jaw through the front and side of the neck along the artery to the inner
    end of the collar bone, above it levelly to the hollow above the collar bone, from here through the diaphragm down to the stomach and channel to the spleen.
    The main outer branch runs through the pectoral muscle to the nipple, turning sharply inward to the edge of the ribs, and from both sides of the navel it descends along the abdominal hollow to the area of the hips. Here it
    connects to another inner branch, which exits the pylorus and, through the stomach, leads to the hips. From them, the path descends through the hip joint through the quadriceps muscle on the thigh to the knee, through the front side of the calf muscles it runs along the outer edge of the
    tibia to the arch of the foot, and along the arch out to the second toe.


    Physical manifestations of energy imbalance:
    Flatulence, poor digestion, problems with temperature regulation, cold feet, further high temperature associated with delirium, painful swelling of the throat and knee, pain in lower extremities along the path of the meridian.


    Psychiatric manifestations of energy imbalance:
    Disharmony of the path evokes the inability to receive love and grasp one’s surroundings, on the other hand, it causes oversensitivity to emotional impulses, excessive worry, – as opposed
    to this indifference, bitterness, silence, superficiality, outbursts of anger.

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