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Petra is a spiritual consultant, an author, a life coach (CILC) - certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), she is also Certified Professional Business Coach (CBC), and Certified Master Business Coach (MBC), REIKI and KARUNA Ki Master and Teacher, Past Life Regression Therapist, AURA-SOMA practitioner, Naturopathic Doctor (ND), and Homeopath. Her main focus is to help people in need and in despair so they can enjoy life in creative way and share this creativity among many. She has the ability to help people actually look at their life and see if they can see in their life a pure reflection of what their true heart’s desire is.

One of the main reasons why more and more people seek alternative healing methods is that they have a feeling that doctors do not pay enough attention to them and the allopathic medicine is treating only the symptoms of the disease, not the actual cause. Whatever is the reason causing this feeling people are primarily missing a human touch and the treatment they can participate in.

It is not the aim of the company Energy to criticize or contest allopathic methods of the classical medicine. Petra's aim is to help with advice and information how to change your perspective on taking care for your own health.

There are more and more doctors who embrace a holistic approach and there are more and more patients motivated enough to take care for their own health.  Especially to them is offered Petra's helping hand in choosing suitable products but not only them. Energy products are not chemical, their effect is gentle and if you follow the recommendations of a therapist or a physician, they can help you to get rid of your health problems. But the decision is yours.



To request appointment with Petra Staskova, please fill out the REGISTRATION FORM below. Petra will reply to your request shortly with an appointment that fits your needs. 

30 minute consultation  $75.00
(After talking to Petra and emailing her your concerns and challenges, Petra will recommend a blend of Energy supplements, how to take them, when, and in what combination, which is specific and different for each individual so you can feel better and experience the full life you’ve been dreaming about.)

I want you to experience vibrant health and radiant vitality. I want people to run into you on the street and ask what you’re doing because you look so darn good. And, I want you to lead by example and show other people what’s possible in their own lives.

Feeling your best isn’t something you can outsource. It’s a reality you create—one good choice at a time.

That is why I developed a Total Wellness Program.


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