Natural Body and Skin Care

The Energy corporate philosophy is based on a holistic approach to man, and regards a human body and soul as organic parts of one energy system. The optimum cooperation of both parts is a basic

precondition for a healthy body. So we put emphasis not only on prevention but at the same time aim each client’s attention to his/her inner self.


The current Energy products are special food supplements that are based on the alternative sciences. The current range represents comprehensive offer of effective natural products – food supplements and cosmetics. They are based on the principles of the traditional Chinese medicine and the latest findings in the fields of plant therapy, crystal therapy, homeopathy, and bio resonance.


Pentagram® of concentrates is a cornerstone of the whole range that is based on a highly effective method of the regeneration in pentagram®. The method of regeneration in pentagram® means not only internal application of the concentrates, but also external application of pentagram® of creams. These five regeneration creams contain herbal ingredients, highly effective substances

(e.g. liposome, aha acids, vitamins, etc.), bio-information, and thermal water from podhajska hot spring (Slovakia).


The aforementioned pentagram products correspond to the energies of five basic

elements of nature, cooperation of which, according to the traditional Chinese medicine, is a key to our health. This system can facilitate detoxification and regeneration of the whole body or act

directly on particular health condition. Pentagram products can be combined with other eg products, number of which keeps growing.