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When wishing to have a perfect skin, we must understand our body first!

Pentagram Idea

The basis of the skin care cosmetics is a line of five RENOVE skin creams developed according to the principle of the harmony of five agents.

Five unique creams represent the five agents of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Wood, Earth, Fire,

Metal and Water. Five products – and each of them focuses, via its effects, on a certain group of body

organs, on a certain skin type, status of mind or imbalance of the inner organism. The individual

products not only build on each other but they also complement and align each other and form

a compact system.

By choosing the right cream, a space for playfulness and, primarily, for own intuition is being opened. Whether you choose your cream by scent, colour, mood or a particular need your choice

will be always right.

Basic principles

We approach every single aspect of our products with the best care and pure intent. Every product is based on highest natural foundations; it is well-absorbed and skin-friendly while providing smooth application and long-term effects. The extraordinary amount of active substances is a combination of methods of phytotherapy, aromatherapy, crystaltherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and bioresonance to achieve the best possible effect resulting from the interaction of these methods.

Natural perfumes

Natural perfumes consist of aromatherapeutic amounts of the rarest essences only and give an exceptional individuality to each product. They are instruments of a gentle therapy that has the enormous

potency to reach deep mind and harmonize the inner power. Containing the solely essence of herbs, these perfumes are the most powerful substances in plant kingdom: many of them are even the

most expensive ones.

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