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Consultation by Petra

Petra is a spiritual consultant and a life coach. Her main focus is to help people in need and in despair. Once you meet with her, you quickly realize that she gets right to the point and is amazingly accurate about one's current life and challenges that come with it. Petra also focuses on one's true potential, how to bring it to the surface and how one can benefit from it.

Petra not only provides invaluable guidance and direction to many, but also one will receive extremely accurate and valuable information, tools and guidance which then empower one to refocus, refine and re-evaluate important aspects of one's life challenges which eventually will lead one towards using one's common sense and open heart.

Talking to Petra is like meeting a friend whom you loved so dearly, but lost a long time ago and finally met again. The friend that knows and senses everything about you, your sadness and your pain, and always seems to be able to tell you what to do about the things that trouble you. Petra is a Spiritual-soul consultant and through the special modalities she's developed over the years, she is able to reach your troubled soul deep down, heal the sadness and pain from your heart, repair the damage, encourage you, and give you the strength and the direction to continue through your life on this planet. Petra never judges you or your actions. She takes you for who you are. She touches your soul and brings into your life a little bit of the Other Side, reminding you that you are a very precious, special and glorious soul. Petra fills your heart with unconditional love and grace and always tells you to use your common sense.

Petra never controls your life or your decisions. She never tells you to do this or to do that. She simply gives you the choices, but you must make your own decisions! You are totally in control of your own life and should rely on your common sense and the facts that are available to you as you plan out your future and your journey on this planet. Look at the psychic reading as a valuable tool or a direction for your life. You still have to do it by yourself and experience all the lessons and face all the difficulties that life will bring to you, but at least you will know that you are on the right path and all the things that you do are making sense.



To request appointment with Petra Staskova, please fill out the REGISTRATION FORM below. Petra will reply to your request shortly with an appointment that fits your needs. 

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30 minute consultation  $75.00
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