Understanding Bio-Information Energy Products

We make the world's first Bio-Information Energy Products available today.

Our patented, one of a kind Bio-information formula in our Energy products is a frequency emulating the controlling frequencies of the brain sub-cortical centers that control vegetative nervous system and the functioning of internal organs. Through their activity the negative information is blocked, and the process of reverse regeneration is started. The presence of bio-information and the unique blend of herbs in the Energy products is rather important and Energy products may help where other alternative medicine have failed.



Natural skin cream
containing herbal extract, thermal water, high-quality vegetable oils and natural perfume.

Designed for dry, depleted skin, the protective function of which is impaired
The fattiest of all RENOVE creams
Suitable also for the driest skin types
Protects against external factors – cold, wind and frost
Can be used as winter cream for all skin types
Suitable as day and night cream

Net volume: 50ml
  • bio-information product

    Droserin renove
    The scent of myrtle grove
    full of sun wakes and
    sharpens all senses and
    evokes a feeling of safety,
    balance and a feeling of
    peace going beyond the
    Designed for regeneration of dry and thinner
    skin the protective function of which is impaired.
    It is the fattiest of all RENOVE creams, thus
    suitable for the driest skin types. It protects
    against external factors – cold, wind and frost
    – and can be used as winter cream for all skin
    types. Ideal to be used as day and night cream.
    From among the seasons, Metal belongs to autumn; cardinal points: west. Within human life, it comes and starts reigning after the fruitful
    period of Earth – the most significant stage of the active life. The period of Metal is associated with ripening and harvesting, followed by
    withering and drying. It is also associated with the ability to gain acceptance, with firm attitude towards life, responsibility and sense of
    purpose. On the other hand, it can relate to bellicosity, crying, sadness, poor adaptability and perfectionism.
    Droserin renove belongs to the agent of Metal
    and is associated with the energy of Dryness.
    Active substances:
    pure plant oils – argan kernel, macadamia seed,
    jojoba seed, black cumin seed; succinic acid; essential oils – sweet
    scented geranium, sour orange (Bigarade), niaouli-tree, lavender,
    myrtle; plant extracts – udo, mullein, oregano, quinine, Japanese
    pagoda tree, narrowleaf plantain, downy hempnettle, turmeric,
    liquorice, nasturtium, island cetraria lichen, lungwort, coltsfoot, holly
    hock, field horsetail, cabbage rose, garden thyme, hyssop, ginger.
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