Organic Maca

Maca is a legendary plant from the Peruvian Andes used for

centuries in traditional healing. The extensive plateaux there

are surrounded by high mountains consisting of limestone,

dolomite and other minerals. Wind and rain dissolve them

and enrich the soil in the lowlands with them. Maca has the

wonderful ability of absorbing all of these substances and

storing them in a pure, natural form. It contains many trace

elements, vitamins, a large number of amino acids, glycosides,

sterols, tannins, saponins, terpenoids and many others.


»it returns strength and strengthens vitality

»it increases the resistance of the organism and its ability to adapt

»it increases physical fitness and resistance during stress

»it quickly returns strength during conditions of physical exhaustion

»it strengthens cerebral activity and improves the memory

»it reduces the influence of stress factors

»it moderates mental exhaustion and chronic tiredness

»it moderates the results of excessive alcohol use

»it preserves bone and muscle strength

»it accelerates the regeneration processes

»it assists in the maintenance of the hormonal balance

»it stimulates sexual activity

»it has a positive effect on the creation and quality of sperm


Maca influences the organism ranging from the supplementation of active energy in the regular life of a healthy person through to severe tiredness syndrome and on to significant support during serious illnesses. Its important task lies in the modification of

the organism’s adaptability. Strengthening adaptability assists when resolving problems requiring the body’s own strength to be increased and focussed. This manifests itself in the physical plane, for example, in increased immunity.


Maca mainly influences the areas of the organs and the energy pathways which vitalise the body – the liver, the gall bladder, the lungs, the pericardium and the three burners.

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