This luxurious, herb-infused formula delivers intense moisture to keep dry and mature skin supple and dewy. The sensual earthy scent of sandal and vanilla shall appeal to mature women. It relieves stress
   and tension, calms our minds and strokes  our souls while carrying us on the wings of exoticism.

Cytovital cream

Anti-Aging facial cream

  • Designed for nourishment of mature skin prone to wrinkles

  • Helps to restore dermal cells

  • Improves skin elasticity

  • Leaves the skin looking younger

  • Suitable as day and night cream

Made with:

Organically grown and wildcrafted

Active substances:

pure plant oils – argan kernel, macadamia seed, castor, evening primrose; succinic acid; humic acids;

essential oils – sour orange (Bigarade), sweet scented geranium, vanilla, sandalwood;

plant extracts – anise burnet saxifrage, Japanese pepper tree, sweet fennel, liquorice, lavender, butter and eggs, rhaponticum, Muira Puama, Baical skullcap, ginger, vanilla, Solomon’s seal, spade leaf.

For Best Results:

Use AM/PM or ​as needed. Apply to clean skin or over serum. ​Pump 1 ​to 2 full pumps into palm of hand. Dab on nose, chin, cheeks and forehead. Blend with gentle strokes.

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