Pentagram® creams are exceptional not only for their composition, but also for the possibilities of their therapeutic usage. They easily penetrate the skin from where they get into tissues, thus positively influencing  not only the very skin but also the deep down situated organs and their systems.

Cytovital cream


  • For skin cells nutrition and its strong regeneration. Has rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle effects.

  • It shows strong antiviral (herpes viruses, cytomegaloviruses), antiseptic, anti-mycotic, and antineoplastic effect.

  • It is suitable mainly for rejuvenation of the skin and for regeneration and detoxication of the cells,

  • further also in cases of highly damaged skin (e.g., scars, cuts, abrasions, cellulites, various types of radiation, burns, fungi, inflammations, herpes).

  • IT is also recommended for breast nodosity, natural medicine for  menopause, and hormonal system conditions.

  • It may be used as a support in cases of vitiligo, scleroderma, diabetes, and in cancer patients going through irradiation to speed up regeneration of tissues and skin.

  • This preparation is also suitable for promotion of the ovaries function in cases of infertility and facilitation of the correct functioning of thyroid gland.

Made with:

Organically grown and wildcrafted


Cytovital is a bio-information cream designed for the skin cells nutrition and its strong regeneration. Nobody who will look at the contained substances will doubt it. Cytovital is a source of energy for skin and a true natural rejuvenator. The cream has the overall influence on hormonal system.

Female & Male Reproductive Organs Support, Herpes Viruses, Cytomegaloviruses

According to the latest information the skin is a hormonal gland. It produces three hormones: cotropine, which is produced also by pituitary gland, endorphin, and one other hormone that regulates the quality and extent of our suntan. What can be regenerated by the hormonal system, it may be rejuvenated, too. 

The quality of our skin depends mainly on the correct function of detoxication organs. A desire to look good and young is as old as a mankind. Already pharaohs in the ancient Egypt had the amber lamellas implanted under their skin because they believed in their rejuvenating effects. Several millennia later the scientists discovered rejuvenating and regenerative effects of succinic acid on cells. This acid is a part and parcel of every cell and is present in amber. Also the Energy laboratories found this excellent ability of succinic acid to rejuvenate and regenerate cells. It is evident that mighty rulers pharaohs discovered its assets even without modern laboratories. From the times of pharaohs is also known the use of myrrh and incense as excellent embalmment and rejuvenating preparations.

Dammar and dragon's blood are other two resins contained in Cytovital. They have strong anti-mycotic and anti-inflammatory effects. Dragon's blood is known mainly from the Canary Islands where the native Guanchos made a healing unguent from it. It is a red resin from one type of Dracena, which means dragon trees. Although these Dracenas are called dragon trees, they are very peculiar trees. Their branches resemble dragon's necks. Dragon trees grow very slowly but live for many years. They branch out only once in ten years and these branch-outs give an estimate of their age. The most known specimen of the dragon tree from the Tenerife Island is about one thousand years old. Dragon trees were sacred and only members of the royal families were buried in their hollowed out trunks. According to the research the dragon's blood effects may be compared to those of Aloe Vera. It has a strong antioxidant effect and strengthens functioning of the immune system and heart.

Wine vinegar is the next interesting substance. It is a natural complex of AHA acids that have regenerative effect on the skin. It restores acidity of epidermis, removes itching, and has anti-mycotic effect. Neither can be omitted the peat extracts with absolutely unique anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects, mainly on herpes viruses and cytomegaloviruses. The world research found also certain antineoplastic activity in the peat extracts. They are able to protect skin against various types of radiation, including UV. Therefore the cream may be used as a prevention and protection of the skin during irradiation of cancer patients or in solarium. Moreover, the peat extracts are one of the strongest antioxidants. Cytovital contains the highest volume of this substance of all Energy creams. Also energines have protective effect against various types of radiation. It is a special type of polysaccharides developed by the Energy Biotechnology laboratories. These absolutely unique immunostimulating substances could be found, e.g., in some fungi that are known for their anticancer effect. Energines have the strong regenerative effect on the skin. Cytovital contains 50% of thermal water from the Podhajska hot spring. This tertiary seawater has high energetic potential. It contains silicic and boric acids, and a number of minerals beneficial to the skin nutrition. It s regenerative effect is longer lasting and more profound than the effect of the Dead Sea water . In this water are macerated the herbs that have rejuvenating effects on the skin. Among them is one of the well-known orchids – vanilla.

Ask for Cytovital at a beauty parlor and treat yourself to this very nourishing and rejuvenating cream for cleaning the skin. It will bring back its bloom and healthy look. The cream is suitable also for young skin.

MADE WITH Organic and Wildcrafted herbs:

Vanilla planifolia: contains vanillin. The capsules contain enzymatic substances with regenerative effects on the skin. It has also positive effect on the hormonal system and CNS.

Lavandula officinalis: contains substances that inhibit the growth of bacteria. It has rejuvenating effects on cells and substantially speeds up regeneration of the damaged skin.

Polygonatum multiflorum: contains saponins, slime and a number of mineral substances. It ahs the overall effect on hormonal system and regenerates damaged scarred tissue.

Glycyrrhiza glabra: has the excellent anti-inflammatory effect and positive effect on various types of eczema and rashes. It contains plant hormones.

Foeniculum vulgare: relaxes spasms of smooth muscles, increases lactation, releases phlegm, and acts against external and internal parasites. Externally it may be used in treatment of ophthalmia.

Hydrocotyle vulgaris: relaxes tension and has a strong effect on the mental state. It retards the aging, strengthens the kidneys and speech center. It regenerates cells and helps in various skin diseases, amenorrhoea and diabetes.

Zanthoxylum piperitum: has an anti-microbial and anti-mycotic effect. It gives energy and has strong influence on hormonal and neural system, blood, liver, pancreas and lungs. It has overall influence on the skin quality.

Zingiber officinale: contains an essence, phosphorus, and has strong anti-bacterial effects. It gives energy and promotes peripheral blood circulation.

Pimpinella anisum: has positive effect on the function of lungs and improves elasticity of skin. It has bacteriostatic effect and influences the hormonal system.

Lariosma ovata: is a known Indian aphrodisiac. It gives energy, tonifies organism, regenerates cells, and has positive effect on pancreas, CNS, and kidneys. It retards the aging.

Leuzea carthamoides: protects liver, regenerates and detoxicates cells. It has a positive effect in treatment of skin diseases.

Linaria vulgaris: has anti-mycotic effect and positively affects skin disorders. It contains succinic acid and regenerates cells.

Scutellaria baicalensis: tonifies organism and has greater protective effect on kidneys than milk thistle (Silybum marianum). It contains steroid saponins and organic acids. It has positive effect on CNS and cures allergies.

Drago: Resin of Dracaena Draco has similar effects to those of Aloe Vera. It is a sacred plant of the Indians that has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It has the overall positive effect on regeneration of very damaged skin.

Further the cream contains plant resins such as incense, myrrh, dammar, which are well-known for their regenerative, anti-inflammatory and anti-mycotic effects, succinic acid, and special types of bio-extracts such as Vermesine and Helixine. It contains also vitamins A and E, lecithin, highly bioactive energines, plant and essential oils (hempen, peanut, poppy, linseed, sesame, castor, succinic, geranium, ginger, cardamom, lavender, arbor vitae, marigold, etc.), peat extracts and information from minerals (olivine, stibnite, purpurite) and other natural substances.

The complex of bio-active substances from the plants, minerals and bio-information may be used for harmonization of the energy channels in such conditions as hormonal system disorders, heart problems, regeneration and detoxication of cells , in cases of highly damaged skin by, e.g., scars, cuts, abrasions, cellulites, various types of radiation, burns, fungi, inflammations, herpes , as a support in cases of vitiligo, scleroderma, diabetes , in insufficient function of adrenal gland , and in cancer patients going through irradiation to speed up regeneration of tissues and skin . Externally it is recommended in cases of cysts , skin itching , and as a antioxidant protection from free radicals . This preparation is also suitable for promotion of the ovaries function in cases of infertility and facilitation of the correct functioning of thyroid gland . While dieting apply topically on the area of thyroid gland together with application of Gynex. Cytovital may be used for the facial skin cleaning that leads to the fast blooming and rejuvenating of tired skin.

Combination Gynex, Peralgin, and Cytovital cream can also be used as herbal remedies for psm.

We recommend combination with the Energy preparations Gynex, Korolen, Stimaral and King Kong. Other combinations are possible, too.


Regeneration process and application:

The cream is applied topically on problematic places in very thin layer once up to three times a day. It is easily smeared and then washed off with water.


Other applications are possible in the places above single organs or in the area of their reflexive zones and energy channels.

In severe health problems always consult your physician. To specify diagnosis the machines based on EAV or some other methods may be used.