Cytosan Soap
bio-information herbal soap

Natural glycerin soap containing humic substances (potassium humate).

  • has a positive effect on all causes of infectious diseases of the skin

  • is suitable for the skin weakened by internal disease

  • helps rejuvenate the aged skin

  • shows positive effect on the skin with small black warts

  • deeply cleanses 



Natural glycerin soap containing humic substances (potassium humate).

Cytosan primarily influences governing vessel and conception vessel meridians and the meridians of stomach, spleen, pericardium, and three burners (three energizers).

Action of humic substances
The overall pollution of the environment together with improper eating habits, lack of sleep and movement, and excessive stress contribute to the accumulation of toxic and waste substances in a human body and thus impairing the ability of the human organism to get rid of them. This accumulation is a natural cause of the process of ageing and susceptibility to diseases. Therefore it is advisable to pay attention to the regular detoxication of the body. Ideal solution is to combine internal cleansing of the body through digestive and excretory systems with external cleansing of the skin with the help of humic substances. Skin and large intestine are intertwined organ systems, so when you make work easier for one, it will bring relief also to the other. In the course of detoxication it is necessary to observe optimum drinking regime.
Probably everybody heard about mud spas and the beneficial effect of mud baths. Mud of peloid origin contains a number of substances beneficial to the human body. Among those most important are humic substances; active substances that are used in Cytosan soap.

Humate and lignohumate are the blends of humic and fulvic acids and their potassium salts. They are complex organic compounds with high molecular mass; they are born in the course of gradual decomposition of organic mass in the presence of oxygen in the places where lignite and peat can be found. They are exceptionally bioactive substances with high chemical reactivity, strong regenerative effects on the whole body and its energy system. Through chelate bonding humates are able to retain primarily heavy metals (Pb, Hg, Cd), free radicals and toxic substances that are later excreted from the body. It helps to inhibit the growth of fungi and some viruses and bacteria in the body.

Regular use of Cytosan natural soap should be accompanied by the occasional application of other humate products in a form of packs (Cytosan, Cytosan Fomentum Gel) or baths (Balneol). The effect of humic substances facilitates excretion of harmful deposits from the skin and thus regeneration of the function of the skin. Humic substances ease manifestations of the irritated and itching skin and strengthen a protective acid mantle, thanks to which the human body is able to maintain its non-specific immunity and better defend itself against diseases. Through the ages people have looked upon water, sun, plant extracts, peat and mud as a source of health and beauty.

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