Product characteristics: humate capsules
Content: 90 capsules

bio-information supplement
increases the level of the male sex hormone testosterone by up to one third and, similarly, it increases the level of estrogens in women.
  • microbial, bacterial and viral infections (Herpes virus, Cytomegalovirus, Helicobacter pylori, etc.);

  •  inflammations of tissues in the mouth, throat, stomach, small and large intestine;

  • rheumatic articular conditions, arthrosis, arthritis, etc.;

  • backaches in the area of shoulder blades, cervical spine, and insertions of collarbones;

  • vascular complaints;

  •  hormonal disorders; diabetes;

  •  periodontitis and increased dental decay;

  •  detoxication from fungi (Candida albicans);

  •  mycosis;

  •  as an superantioxidant and protection against free radicals and ageing of cells;

  •  deep detoxication of the organism;

  •  regeneration and protection of cells against the effect of heavy metals and other chemical substances (lead, mercury, cadmium, and others);

  •  protection of liver against liver toxins (tetrachloromethane, amanitin, etc.);

  •  immunodeficiency; 

  •  lack of energy and fatigue syndrome; tumors, cancer, HIV


is a bioinformation wide-spectrum regenerative preparation containing natural substances and information from the plants and minerals. It contains neither preservatives, nor synthetic colorings or sugars! Primarily it influences and harmonizes the channels of large and small intestine, stomach, liver, gall bladder, and spleen, and the controlling, central, yin calcaneal channels, and many others that are connected to the aforementioned meridians. Through the balancing of energy Cytosan eliminates various disorders related to the dysfunction of these channels.


Cytosan is a super-concentrate of potassium humate enriched with silymarin and succinic acid.

Silymarin is a general name of alkaloids that are gained from the seeds of Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum). Three alkaloids were separated in a chemically pure form: silibinin, silidianin, and silichristin that come under flavonoids. They help to protect and regenerate the liver cells. The protective effect of silymarin is expressed mainly in the stabilization of cell membranes, antiperoxidant properties and a positive influence on proteosynthesis of hepatocytes. It inhibits the effects of some liver toxins (tetrachlormetane, amanitine, falloidin and others). Silymarin has an antioxidant effect, removes free radicals from our body, facilitates the gall secretion, and soothes spasms. Its bitter substance promotes metabolism and digestion. It has been used for the treatment of liver diseases since the fourth century.

Succinic acid (C 4 H 6 O 4 ) energizes our body and has a rejuvenating and regenerative effect on the cells. It is a metabolic waste of cells in our body. Even Pharaohs in the ancient Egypt believed in a rejuvenating power of amber, and therefore they had the amber lamellas implanted under their skin.

The contemporary science confirms what Pharaohs had known long time ago: succinic acid facilitates regeneration and rejuvenation of the cells. It is often found in fruit (e.g., gooseberry) and its acidic substance stimulates the function of liver. It is also used for myopathy.

Potassium is a main cation of intracellular fluids. Our body contains 5% of potassium. It is necessary for the normal functioning of skeletal muscles, including cardiac musculature, and for the activity of a number of enzymes. It takes part in maintaining of the cell membrane capacity. The sufficient supply of potassium for our body can act as prevention from atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. In our body potassium maintains a balance with sodium, stimulates and regulate the functioning of kidneys, and stimulates mental activity through higher supply of oxygen into the brain. It takes part in carrying neural impulses, which enable the functioning of muscles. The optimum intake of potassium means more energy for the human cells. Among others, this element influences also the excretion of the waste substances and is essential for the proper function of sweetbread. It stimulates secretion of insulin, facilitates transformation of glucose into glycogen and secretion of stomach juices by means of cranial nerve that controls digestion. Higher intake of potassium also helps in prevention of kidney stones (up to 50% in those with higher intake of potassium).

The long-lasting vomiting, diarrhea, diuretics use, or a slimming diet with intake of less than 1000 calories per day may cause potassium deficiency. Another cause is a diet rich in fats, salts, and refined sugar. People suffering from high blood pressure, liver diseases, and diabetes should attend to the sufficient supply of potassium to the organism.

Potassium deficiency symptoms are swellings, nervousness, high blood pressure, tachyarrhythmia that may lead to cardiac arrest. Other symptoms may be weakness, muscle hypotonia or muscle paralysis, somnolence, constipation, and rheumatism.

One Cytosan capsule contains approx. 43 mg of potassium.

Humic acids and humates developed in the surface layers of the places of birth of lignite and peat bogs made from Tertiary plants. These greatest bioactive substances on the earth were born through gradual decomposition and presence of oxygen. Massive peat bogs in Bohemia are full of them. Tertiary marshy primaeval forests were the basis for the lignite origin that hides the highest volume of humic substances.

The structure of a giant molecule of this almost miraculous substance – humate – is very interesting.

Humate is able to retain primarily heavy metals, such as lead, mercury or cadmium, which are later excreted by the organism. The original presumption that the giant molecule is not able to penetrate the intestinal wall has been displaced by a discovery that up to 60% of these molecules go through, so then the process of detoxication takes place in the whole body. Free radicals, that damage the cells of our body, then have a minimum chance to make any damage and “burn out”.

Humic substances protect the cells, improve their oxidation, and liquidate various types of fungi and viruses, primarily herpes viruses that cause cold sores and sometimes even various serious diseases. They protect the cells from various types of radiation, including radioactive and UV. The incident of rays on the complicated structure of the humate molecule causes fission, during which the radiation energy is burned off and the cell is protected.

The research revealed that humic substances cause the retardation of development of some types of cancer. They lower the blood thickness therefore they are suitable as prevention against myocardial infarction and apoplexy. They facilitate faster dissolution of thrombi and haematomas, lower the risk of adhesion development. Their strong effect revealed itself also in the treatment of gynecological problems of hormonal origin and in the cases of unstable level of estrogen. In these cases we recommend to combine Cytosan with Gynex of the company Energy.

A positive influence of Cytosan may be expected also in the cases of orthopedic diseases, arthrosis, and bones and joints degeneration. However, first and foremost it is necessary to stress out its protective effect on the intestines. The humic substances cover damaged mucous membranes of the intestines with a protective microfilm that inhibits penetration of toxic substances and heavy metals into the bloodstream. Humates belong among strong immunostimulants. Most probably there is no other more perfect natural substance with such a broad protective effect.

Digestive tract is an important part of a human body, mainly small and large intestine where all nutrients are absorbed. If the intestines are inflamed, this inflammation shows itself on our skin in a form of eczemas, psoriasis, lack of energy, and the overall decline. Our body starts “drowning” in its own wastes and toxins that are produced by various sorts of infested fungi, viruses, germs, and bacteria extraneous to the intestines. Immunity and functioning of the whole organism starts getting serious blows and the only solution of this situation is to restore a harmony in our body by removing the inflammatory centers in the intestines.

Here are some examples what Cytosan can affect with its regenerative and harmonizing possibilities.

Large intestine channel

  • toothache, sore throat, fluids production disorders – dryness of eyes, inflammations and swellings along the channel, shivering fits, inability to flex an index finger, incidence of herpes in the area of mouth corners and around the nose.

Tendo-muscular channel of large intestine

  • pain and strains of tendons, inability to turn the neck, and shoulder pain. Through Cytosan we can easily overcome and remove all conditions related to the disorders on the energy channels.

Large intestine – lungs relation

Lungs and large intestine are matched organs and they cooperate with each other. If there is a problem in the large intestine and is not cured, it can lead to the occurrence of other problems in the lungs and vice versa.

The incorrect function of large intestine affects the lungs and it could lead to the breathlessness. For free and deep breathing the intestinal patency is important, too. On the other hand, the filtrating function of the lungs facilitates a descent of fluid and thus irrigation of the large intestine. Insufficient flow of fluids from the lungs causes drying up of the large intestine and origin of constipation.

Small intestine – heart relation

The small intestine and heart are also matched organs so again there is a rule that the small intestine disorder can lead to the origin of heart problems and vice versa. Disharmony between these organs results in urination disorders, aphthae on the tongue, heart palpitation, and the like.

If you carefully study a part of the brochure Regeneration in Pentagram talking about the channels of stomach and spleen, you will find out a wide range of use of Cytosan. As it influences, among others, also the channel of spleen, it also influences building of strong muscles with sufficient stamina (all muscles of our body are influenced by spleen; malfunctioning of spleen decreases the quality of muscles).

The aforementioned relations may be easily influenced by taking Cytosan that harmonizes functioning of the organs and facilitates prevention of their disorders.

In most cases the origin of toothache and pain in the area of cervical spine lies in the large intestine. Through the energy balancing of the energy channels of small and large intestine, stomach, and three burners we may remove a number of backaches, toothaches, and many other complaints. By the restoration of the energy flow we can improve a condition of the intestines that could result in disappearance of the pains of cervical spine, toothaches, or pain between shoulder blades. The same way the pain in the insertions of collarbones and shoulders. Cytosan is also recommended for the treatment of periodontitis.

In the aforementioned cases the effect could not be expected immediately but within a period of two months is possible. A significant improvement has been noted also in the cases of stomach ulcers, duodenum disorders, often repeated Herpes virus infections, or in the cases of occurrence of cold sores, primarily in the areas of mouth, nose, and of herpes in the area of waist. Those, who have ascertained their lack of energy by an EAV device, will find out that after taking Cytosan for several months the energy levels in their body become balanced.

The preparation Cytosan is produced from humates that could be found, e.g., also in the peat and in lignite. You can try their unique protective effect for yourself either through internal application of Cytosan, or through external use in the cream Cytovital that also contains a high volume of this unique substance and has a positive effect on the regeneration of skin.

However, before use we recommend to carry out a test of excitability on the thin skin of the external side of a hand.

You will be pleasantly surprised with the effect of regular application of Cytovital. After experiencing Cytovital many women with aging skin do not use anything but this cream, and they know why.


To stimulate a detoxication process using Cytosan it is necessary to increase the intake of fluids.

When applying the maximum dosage we recommend to use the toilet every morning in view of the possibility of runny stool. Lower dosage does not affect evacuation at all.


Dietitian's recommendation:

The excess intake of animal proteins and lack of exercise has a strong effect on hyperacidity of the organism and on acceleration of the development of osteoporosis. It also increases a risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. So behave in such way that you prevent these diseases.


Cytosan – other uses and interesting points:

A protective effect of the peat extracts has been known for ages. Quite recently has been discovered a body of “Man of Tollund” in the Danish marshlands who was there for almost 2000 years .

He lived at the beginning of the first century and remained well preserved. If pharaohs knew the protective and mummifying effect of the peat substances, they would have probably used nothing else.

· By dissolving one Cytosan capsule in several liters of water we can let also plants have the beneficial effect of humates. Through regular watering it is possible to increase the yield of cucumber, tomato, grapes, and other fruit and vegetable.

· By using much lower dosage of the preparation than prescribed for a man we can improve a physical condition of animals, too.

Due to their cytostatic properties Drags Imun & Cytosan are suitable for use in oncology and in "herbal hiv treatment". Given their strong antiviral effects they also may be used as "herbal remedies for hiv" for the treatment of HIV patients, as well . Drags imun has been called a "natural cure for hiv and aids". In both cases we recommend the combination of larger doses (10 drops five times a day) of Drugs Imun with the preparation Cytosan (4 – 5 capsules three times a day) but only under physician's supervision.

In view of the volume of potassium (43 mg) the patients suffering from cardiac diseases and those, who take potassium on regular basis, should consult a physician about the application of this preparation.


As a prophylaxis adults and children up to 12 yo. take 1 capsule a day. For fast activation we recommend to take up to 3 capsules a day.

Children from 3 to 6 yo. can take 1 capsule a day dissolved in the warm tea sweetened with honey; from 6 to 12 yo. 1 – 2 capsules a day may be recommended.

Not recommended for children up to 3 yo.

Interrupt the application for one week after every four weeks.
In the course of regeneration process increase your intake of fluids.

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