Organic Acai

The dense Brazilian jungle is home to the slender Euterpe

oleracea palm. Its fruits contain a significant number

of biological substances which are essential for the body.

Vitamins B1, B2, B3, A, C and E, minerals, unsaturated fatty

acids, amino acids, flavonoids, proteins, fibre and in particular

antioxidants. They have the highest level on the ORAC scale

of all types of fruit. Clinical studies have proven a three-scale

improvement in the activity of the antioxidant mechanisms

even during a single use.


Acai significantly supplements active energy and gives an individual the feeling of active energy even immediately after

use. It can be successfully used during convalescence or during the supplementation of strength during increased mental or

physical energy loads. Acai cultivates Fire, it is a significant product with regard to everything which is connected with Fire or with the three burners (triple energizer) and especially with a lack thereof (tiredness, any immobilisation – stroke,

injuries, multiple sclerosis, heart weakness, coronary artery disease, tiredness syndrome, burnout syndrome, female sterility,

allergies, autoimmune illnesses, blood disorders, the brain, psychiatric problems, some lung problems ...).


Acai mainly affects the area of the organs and the energy pathways which enable the fast supplementation of active energy – the liver, the gall bladder, the heart, the pericardium and the three burners (triple energizer), as well as the lungs

and the stomach.

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» it has a significant influence on the reduction of oxidation stress

» it supports the functioning of the immune system

» it slows down the signs of aging and the formation of wrinkles

» it improves and brightens the appearance of the skin

» it successfully supplements the medical treatment of chronic

illnesses, for example arthritis, it effectively supresses the activities of the enzymes participating in inflammatory processes

» it assists in the health of the circulatory system and the digestive tract

» it is of benefit to diabetics – it reduces glycaemia on any empty

stomach, the level of circulating insulin and the overall and

LDL cholesterol

» it is recommended during increased physical and mental activity

» it has the ability to naturally burn off excess fat reserves

» it assists during sports performances, work stress or during exam time

» in combination with a correct diet and sufficient physical activity,

the use of acai can lead to weight loss caused in all probability

by the removal of the stress effect of free radicals and reviving

the metabolism

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