Organic Chlorella

The Pacific island of Taiwan is the only place in the world which

offers the best quality chlorella. It is distinguished by its purity

and efficacy in an absolutely unique environment fed by natural

spring water. It is a source of important vitamins and minerals.

It is rich in chlorophyll and the chlorella growth factor (CGF).


» it cleanses the digestive tract and assists in the detoxification of poisons, heavy metals and chemicals from the body

» it supports the organism’s natural defences and increases vitality

» it assists in the development of beneficial gut microflora, improves digestion, intestinal function and peristalsis and acts against chronic constipation

» it is beneficial during the treatment of intestinal inflammation

(Crohn’s disease of the small intestine, ulcerous colitis of the large

intestine) and ulcerous gastric illnesses

» has a beneficial influence on the quality of the blood

» it reduces the blood cholesterol level and stabilises the blood sugar level

» it has an extraordinary effect on the regeneration of tissue

and the division and growth of cells and it assists healing

» it improves the quality and condition of the skin, it assists during

the treatment of acne, rashes, inflammations and eczema, but also

during the treatment of badly healing wounds and burns

» it reduces the acidity of the internal environment

» it neutralises free radicals and significantly slows

down the aging of the organism

» it prevents the development of viruses,

bacteria and mould in the organism

» it supports the regeneration and convalescence

of the organism subjected to long-term stress


From the point of view of Chinese medicine, the use of chlorella represents support for life, a slow process which increases the quality of our vitality. The emergence of the effect is very gradual and at the very beginning it is almost imperceptible.

However, its effect over the long-term is very delicate and balanced and it remains an

effective long-term screen even after its discontinuation. We use chlorella in a preventative dosage as a slow working preparation for a permanent increase in energy!


Chlorella mainly effects the energy pathways of the stomach,

the spleen, the large intestine, the liver, the gall bladder,

the pericardium and the meridian of three burners.

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